2 years ago
Teaching Languages Via Vingle
Hey all!! Some of you know me as the girl who went to South Korea and auditioned many times for Korean agencies. For those of you who dont know me, allow me to introduce myself... My name is Mina and I am a dancer, model, actress, writer, rapper, teacher, polyglot..(well..most of those are "in the making" not quite there famously yet..but one day!!)..and probably the dorkiest most idiotic person you will ever meet.. but thats beside the point...this post is targeting those of you wanting to learn Korean (or other languages that I speak) So you guys...I realize that this is not ENTIRELY related to KPop but I'm relaying it to the Kpop community because of Korean and I know many of you may want to learn this is strictly FREE and from my heart. I know what it wad like not to have anyone teach me. I had to teach most of what I know myself. But I must admit it was not hard for me because I come from many backgrounds. Those of you who don't know my story...well...I'm not too comfortable sharing it..but just know that I had a tough life with really hard circumstances that forced me to leave my country, move from place to place, and never be able to go back home..BUT I'M HAPPY! I don't ask for sympathy...I don't want you to feel sad for me..it is life and we cannot fight our destiny. With that being said..화이팅!!! (Fighting!!!)

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