Hajj Ifrad as a kind of major pilgrimage

It is one of the three types of Hajj. Performer of this kind of Hajj is called Mufrid. It said that Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) performed this kind of Hajj. It is almost similar to Hajj Tamattu. It is also said that Holy Prophet performed the Hajj Tamattu. No matter which type of Hajj Holy Prophet performed, he liked all the three types of Hajj and suggested all the types. It depends upon the time that pilgrim has to perform. A person can choose any type of Hajj. All the three types have greater value as compared to one another. Hajj and Umrah travel agency make your journey of Hajj very easy. In Hajj Ifrad you have a little bit relaxation. It is that if you have performed more than one Umrahs in your life and you suddenly hear Hajj news. You prepare yourself for Hajj and you do not have much time to perform Umrah before Hajj. On the other hand you have the chances to perform Umrah later in other months. Then you can perform Hajj Ifrad without performing the rituals of Umrah. You can perform this Hajj without Umrah if you have already performed Umrahs in your life or you will perform Umrah in the future through Cheap Umrah packages Birmingham. Those who do not have performed Umrah before, should perform Umrah first. You should complete all the rituals of Umrah before the days of Hajj. After you have performed the rituals of Umrah, you should perform the rituals of Hajj when the days of Hajj start. Step by step guide to perform Hajj Ifrad: Following is the step by step guide of performing Hajj Ifrad: • First of all cut your nails and also trim extra hair on body below arms and below navel.

How to choose the best flights for Umrah Travel?

For a majority of Muslims, Umrah is usually a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Though it isn’t Fardh for any believer, Umrah is merely performed in the completion of the sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). Yet, considering the rewards the benefits that it holds for pilgrims, Umrah is often referred to as ‘Minor Pilgrimage’ to Hajj. That’s why tens of millions of Muslim pilgrims from all around the world travel for the holy rituals every single month of the year. Once you’ve selected a suitable deal for your travel through a variety of Cheap Hajj Umrah Packages the next big thing is deciding the type of airline you want to fly with. What benefits does it offer and what amenities are there for your ease? Therefore, here’s a brief guide on how to choose the best flights for your umrah travel. The people you are traveling with; alone or with family? Children are usually sensitive to sudden environment and time zone changes especially if you are coming to Makkah from the European region or the Americas. They would either be visibly put off or would even become irritated. Despite this, most of the children don’t respond well to new faces, crowds, and unknown social conditions, hence it’s a better decision not to take small children along. However, if there’s an absolute need to also take your children along, then one must choose a night time flight, preferably a direct one to Saudi Arabia. This would allow the passengers along with you to remain asleep through the night, and rest properly. The time and date of your departure: