You mess with one... you mess with all -.-

So I like key board warriors. You know why? Because they hide behind this facade of their laptop/computer/phone (whatever it may be) acting whoever they want. You could say after I write this that I am too. But I'm not. I like to think that if you mess with my noona (older sister), you mess with me. Now here's where I like to address one keyboard warrior. Her name is apparently @AnamariaNieves. Hi and first and foremost, I'd like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to use you as an example. You see, like a keyboard warrior you wanted to message my older sister and say "bitch get a life." Now I don't like people harrassing people, or bullies, or drama for that matter. But I want you @AnamariaNieves to drop the act, in a way I'm calling you out. My noona told me not to make a scene, but I'd like to think how many people you've messaged like this to. So I'm @Acezsinkillx and I dare you to do that again. Because I will not be afraid to come back to make a card of your stupidity of trying to insult and harassing anyone else. I'm quite surprised a vingle admin hasn't seen your atrocious behaviour and kicked you off. I hope this message got through to you @AnamariaNieves, because it's not a threat... take it as a warning. Oh and one more thing; drop the fie wanna be gangster act. You're irrelevant. Au Revior and have a nice day :) @Floralyssa @MasriDaniela @Nonabisi (tag everyone else)

DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE (The Brave Hearted Will Take Away the Bride)

Ok, so this was my second (which I should have watched first but oh well) Bollywood movie that I watched. Yep, the same two leads and I actually loved this movie one way or another. Lil synopsis: Raj (played by Shahrukh Khan) is known as the typical party goer. He fails in college but his father seems to take it in ease and then Raj tells his father that he wants to go to London in which, he does. While Simaran (played by Kajol) is your typical good girl. She has a dream of an unknown guy and is also wanting to go and explore London one last time before she is to be married off to her father's bestfriend's son, in which her father allows her to go. While Raj and Simran are at London, their paths cross and it wasn't "love at first sight". Raj would pull pranks on Simran and Simran hated him with a passion, that they both then fall in love. That is until Raj finds out that Simran is to be promised to another. Raj then goes to India, to claim his woman... but will he succeed??? This story and movie is one of the best... I loved it so much that I had to stop myself from singing Mere Khwabon Mein all the time in the house... bahahahaha. I also had to refrain myself from jumping up and down my bed and going outside to sing that song. This also taught me that, not all guys are douche bags as I always view them, bahahahaha. This is one of the "BEST" BOLLYWOOD movie, you should not miss out on. P.S I actually watched this movie cos of the two leads. They just have this chemistry that can't be reckoned with to be quite honest. ENJOOOOOOYYYYYYYYY XD

KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI!!! What I have been up to this past week... (There will be 3 or 4 seperate cards, so look out)

First thing first... I am on a "BOLLYWOOD BUZZ"... I guess since I have a two week holiday, my initial thought was to study, study and study!!! But then came along my train of thought of how many years I haven't watched a single Bollywood movie, in an age. So I watched: KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI!!! (Some Things Happen) A lil synopsis: Anjali (tomboy with a bob haircut played by Kajol) and Rahul (the guy and is played by Shah Rukh Khan) are best friends. It isn't until Tina (played by Rani Mukerji), the principal's daughter comes from London to study that Rahul falls in love, while Anjali suddenly but silently falls in love with him. This made me cry (ikr, weird but hey, I wanted to cry for the sake of crying), dance and sing like a madwoman in my house... Well, more like in my room. But thing is, I enjoyed it and I hope you'll watch this movie and fall in love with it, just like I did :) Sorry @neaa, @YinofYang for always constantly bugging you guys and going on n on about my Bollywood buzz. To @oj1992 here is one of them, wait for the others eh... teehee


Ok, lemme just say THANK YOU ALL... I am not really good with speeches, and I shall try to be as good as possible and if not, oh well, to hell with it. To @katieloidlei I want to thank you for giving me a happy birthday wish and that you rock, it may not be alot to you, but to me, it feels like you've came here and told it yourself, so thank you :D To @cheerfulcallie I just want to say that you are awesome and that guy who will be the one, well lets say he'll be having a leech behind his back to check on him at all times, buahahahaha, aanyways... I want to thank you too for a birthday wish, it makes me feel blessed to live life so thank you... To @blairwitme I am relinashinee and i welcome you to our humble abode (teehee), well yes, i am frnz with cheer, kat, yin and many more on this site that, it's pretty awesome talking to them, as if they are right in my house laughing and talking with me, n thnxzzzz 4 just visiting :) And last, but never least: @YinofYang ... I am quite honoured to have a card, fro my birthday, and its even more cooler, that you are all the way in the US while ii am in lil ol NZ... To be quite honest, I feel like your a part of my family (as well as the others, lol, famireeee) and the older sister I've never had. And I want to thank you as well for remebering my BIRTHDAY, ahahahaha...