Mega Anime Giveaway: Truly Evil Tuesday

Truly Evil Tuesday! I'm sensing a theme... I'm uploading all of these with like... an hour to spare. I'm getting it done on time, but the stress is killing me. *WARNING LIGHT MEDAKA BOX SPOILERS AND HEAVY OKAMI-SAN AND HER SEVEN COMPANIONS SPOILERS!* There's still more pictures. (Man I love Kumagawa) Still more... (the ten picture limit has never been a real limiting factor... until now) Kumagawa is arguably the greatest character in recent fiction and for good reason. He was more popular than the second through fifth most popular characters in Medaka Box, combined, within only a few chapters after his debut. Kumagawa is a minus, which means he embodies all of mankind's worst traits. He takes pleasure in other's suffering and kills people on a whim, only to revive them with All-Fiction (his power to make anything nothing, making him one of the most powerful characters in fiction) just to terrify them. He does not believe in any traditional values, and spits in the face of any humanity. He is also completely aware of the fourth wall, and acts as such. The worst thing is how randomly he switches between charismatic, if psychopathic, manipulator, to absolute moral less monster. He even removed all color from the world at one point. Despite this, he is a loser, and a sufferer, and has never won anything, despite his ultimate power, thus giving him the name Good Loser Kumagawa. As a minus, he exudes an aura that even super powered people like Zenkichi (after enduring Maguro's training) freeze in fear. He even removed Zenkichi's eyesight, just to mess with him. He is a apathetic, insane, chaotic monster. But hell if he isn't awesome. Rape is (in my opinion) the worst thing you can do to a person (barring some kind of elaborate saw-esque revenge bit where you make someone cut off their own foot and then kill their loved ones in front of them while cutting out their tongue...) to another human being. So of course, the most despicable villain I can come up with (other than Kumagawa) is Shiro Hitsujikai, the ex-boyfriend of Ryoko (the protagonist).

Man Crush Monday

I'm not quite sure what to do for this since I'm totally straight... so I'm just gonna pick some of my favorite male characters that I find (platonically) attractive. This is gonna be a shorter card than usual (So it won't take four hours to make), so I hope no one's too disappointed by that. Roronoa Zoro, my favorite One Piece character (followed closely by Brook). I've always loved the badass with a heart of gold cliche, and the swords defiantly didn't hurt. Throw in a touching backstory, plenty of scenes with him sleeping and snoring loudly in the most random places (a trope I love for some reason), and the ability to take absurd amounts of pain, (See every fight ever with Zoro) *Like seriously, every fight is hard because his wounds still haven't closed. He'd solo everyone otherwise* and you've got the makings for a character that I can get behind. I still remember picking up the anime after reading the first few volumes of the manga and finding out that Zoro had green hair. That took me a while to get used to. Nishinoya Yuu, the Guardian Deity of Karasuno. I love this guy, he's my favorite Haikyu character, and Haikyu has a lot of great characters. As someone who has a volleyball class, I'm constantly diving for the ball, whilst my teammates just watch it fall. It drives me nuts, so seeing Yuu excel at his job as libero hits close to home. Even though he's the best volleyball player at Karasuno, he doesn't let it go to his head, and outside of comic relief moments (which are great btw) he's the most calm minded and tempered characters, even compared to the likes of Sugawara and Daichi. I'm gonna count Shunpei and Tsuna as one because they're basically the same. Different setting, but otherwise identical. Bullied weakling who gets dragged into adventures by his lineage, has a guide who has a small childish body, turns defeated enemies into friends, gets super badass at the end. You know the drill. That being said if you haven't read Hyde and Closer, check it out, since there is no anime. Seriously though look at Tsuna's eyes! I will be doing a card about Hiei and Hibari later for the MAG on All Time Favorite Day, so I'm leaving them out for now, but I figured I'd mention them and show some pictures. Tagging: @ZephyrBlaze @amobigbang @Thatperson512 @hikaymm @tylor619cruz @AimeBolanos @TBird @OtakuDemon10 @SAMURXAI @arnelli @xxJxx @JessieDelValle

Mega Anime Giveaway: Sad Sunday :(

For Code Geass, Your Lie in April, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and Charlotte. Other anime will be mentioned but there won't be any spoilers. Of course I get to do sad Sunday two weeks after finishing Your Lie In April. I know it's cliche, but it's the only anime that has made me cry myself to sleep. Once again, link is here: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1814674?tsi=r6k6Wpb9sHs&tst=email&utm_campaign=website&utm_source=sendgrid.com&utm_medium=email I played trombone for about five years, so I'm familiar with music, but never to the point that I could experience what Arima and Kaori felt. And that set the perfect tone for it, because I felt like everything they did was like me, but just barely out of my reach. Music, love, happiness... close, but just outside of my grasp. I ended up quitting after hearing (from a well meaning music teacher) that I sounded like I had been playing for four months, after I'd been playing for 5 years. I was asking how long he thought I'd been playing (like that day... I needed to record my time) and he guessed five months. There went my confidence. I finally quit after I was harassed when I told them to "shut the hell up before I beat the shit out of you" as they were making sex jokes about my mom. So I haven't played since. The worst part was her death though. Worst thing is, I was spoiled for her death beforehand by a Youtube comment when I was listening to the OP. So I figured (after getting back to watching the show after a week long hiatus due to said spoiler) I'll be fine. If I know she's gonna die then I can handle it. Truth is, I do not cry at death. From a very young age I fully understood the concept of death, in a way very few people do, so death affected me a lot. Eventually, I hurt so much from so many things unrelated to me, that I stopped being affected by it. People in my family die (not close, like great uncles) and I just shrug my shoulders. I feel bad for not feeling bad, but that's about it.

Mega Anime Giveaway: Sexy Saturday!!!

My submission for the first day of the MEGA ANIME GIVEAWAY! (Anyone else curious why we started on a Saturday? Just me?) If you want to get in on the fun, the first card is here (and the link to the main card is on this card as well): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1813419?tsi=MJhxHkIxxN0&tst=email&utm_campaign=website&utm_source=sendgrid.com&utm_medium=email AnimeBolanos, you'll find I have a preference as well. Blondes. Surprisingly my first pick isn't a blonde, it's the Abnormal Kurokami Medaka. I mean look at her! I was trying to describe Medaka to a friend and this is how I described her (This is a direct quote) "Medaka´s three measurements are B98-W59-H87, making her bra size a J-cup in Japan. ... so to put it lightly... her body has more curves that *Pause... search google for something with immeasurable number of curves* let's go with the rise and fall of the stock market... so she is drop dead gorgeous and ridiculously sexy and has no qualms about showing off her body... at all... just look at her uniform." And before you ask, no @BlackoutJZ I'm not stealing her, just appreciating the beauty. I've always been drawn to power, and considering how powerful she is... The End, Scardead, All-Fiction, Encounter etc... Miu Furinji, the granddaughter of Hayato Furinji, the Invincible Superman. An expert martial artist, a great cook, an all round prodigy, a overall nice person and an absolute knockout. Look at her sleek and slender body. Plus long blonde hair is kinda my thing.