unrelated but i seriously need help.

So recently people have posted cheer up cards and although they help for a moment, they arent long term. I dont know how many people will see this or even care, but if you have a tag list it would help ( @kpopandkimchi ). My birthday was recently and i found out on my birthday that i didnt recieve a huge scholarshup that would make me only have to pay 4,000 dollars...cutting the story short i balled my eyes out and i am honestly scared i am the first in my family to get into a university, im a valedictorian, and an outstanding student despite my anxiety and depression among ither issues...like studying and learning new things makes me happy so it helped...but all of that is coming to an end i have to come up with a way to come up with 14,000 dollars that i otherwise wouldnt have to worried about if i got this scholarship. no one in my family knows how to do this whole thing and im lost. and im so close to breaking down becausr the anxiety of having 100k in debt by the end of my 4 years.
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