What Shoes to Wear with Different Style of Pants?

We all have been often confused as to what shoe to wear with what pants, will they look good? Or will we end up looking like weird? Thing is that all you need is a little help and you will become a pro at picking shoes for yourself to match with your various outfits. Let’s discuss now what it is that will actually go: 1.Tailored Trousers: Tailored pants used to be a uniform you know, only working men used to wear it. Today even pants and tailored trousers are fashionable. Designers realised the importance of the same. Tailored pants go well with our classic shoes which have been around for quite a while like the oxfords, brogues, derby and the monk straps. These formal leather shoes are undefeated, especially the oxfords. They are the most classy and luxurious pair of leather shoes. 2.Joggers: Yes, we will discuss the most casual clothing after the most formal clothing. So, now what shoes to pair with your joggers. Joggers are the most versatile piece of clothing and one of the most comfortable too. The thing is it depends where you are going in those joggers. If you wanna go for a run or so, you can pair them with sports shoes or sporty leather sneakers. If you are donning a little designer jogger for an outing, then you can pair them with leather sandals. The leather sandals have become quite a style statement in the last few years. 3.Shorts: Shorts are quite free when it comes to pairing them with shoes. You can pair them with leather chappals for a beach outing or a general casual look or with leather sandals and give them a little more of a trendy vibe. You can pair them with sneakers or any other shoes except formal leather shoes. Pairing them with formal shoes is sure to make you look ridiculous. Pair your short with some cool round-neck tees or a polo-shirt and complete the look with a hat or a cap. 4.Jeans: The most understated piece of clothing which is preferred by people of all genders is the easiest to pair. Pair them with leather chappals for a laid back look or with leather sandals to show off your outdoorsy yet glamorous side. Pair them with sneakers for a funky college look or with brogues with a coat and you got yourself a semi-formal look. Even writing this part was fun. Jeans come in so many varieties skin-fit, slim-fit, boyfriend jeans, etc. Any and all shoes can give your jean attire a step-up.

Tips to loose the Tight Shoes

We understand you were too excited to wear that at your next outing but you couldn’t because you realised at the last moment that they are too tight but it’s ok, things happen. So let’s see these tricks which can help you stretch your babies out. 1. Let’s wear them around the house: If you want to wear your new shoes to work or maybe all evening at a party, they need to be comfortable. Tight shoes are not comfortable at all. So whenever you are home, just start wearing them for short spans of time. This will break-in the shoe and help loosen the material and hence, will end up stretching the shoe right up and make it comfortable to wear for longer durations. 2. Freeze them: Just as water, your shoes also expand when frozen. Take a sandwich or plastic bag for each foot of your shoes. Fill 1/4th bag with water. Insert them inside your shoe and put them in the freezer and let them sit in till the water in the bag freezes. Once done take the shoes out of the freezer and let the ice inside the bag thaw and then try on your shoes. In case, it doesn’t feel right still, repeat the process. Be careful that the water does not leak, it can ruin your shoes. This is a tricky one, so be careful. In case of shoes like canvas or other materials that can get wet or be soaked, you can just wet them and put them directly in the freezer. 3.Heat them: Besides freezing, heating your shoes also has the same effect. Put on a pair of thick socks and then the shoes you want to stretch out. Switch on your hair dryer and heat the shoes where it is tight. While doing this keep flexing your feet inside the shoe as much as possible. It is a little uncomfortable but it works 200%. This is a good trick for leathers because they shrink back later. Men’s leather shoes and women’s formal shoes often need these techniques because they are expensive and usually cannot be returned. 4.Use some shoe-stretching tools: You can use some other tricks to stretch out your shoes instead of using your feet, try stuffing them with thick socks or maybe crumpled newspapers. There are certain tools available in the market specifically for this purpose. They can help stretch both the length and breadth of a shoe. These tools have knobs to adjust it to your required size. They work great but at times are a little expensive.

5 Shoes Styles That Are Changing the Fatherhood Look for Young Dads

Why be only counted in the ‘dad style’ gang when you can be a part of the elite and stylish group of your fellow brothers who still haven’t become a member of the fraternity of fatherhood. So let's take a look at 8 cool shoe styles that are changing the fatherhood look for young dads: Sneakers: Be it a formula run or walk in the park, sneakers are your young and comfortable friends. They are new and fun and are available in any colour you could possibly want. They have freshly entered the men’s leather shoes market. They are now not only young, classy and funky but also sturdy, stronger and dependable. They don’t ask you to compromise on your fatherly duties yet still lets you be the part of other fraternities. Loafers: Loafers are royal classy and hip all together. They give you a cool and awesome dad status. They are perfectly humble and long-lasting for a day full of dad duties or certain evenings full of fun. Pair them with formals, semi-formals, casuals or even shorts, they won’t make you feel out of place instead will provide you with an element of eliteness and grace. Slip on Mules: It's time to focus a little more on comfort than just style. Comfort is a necessity for all not only for the new members of the fraternity of fatherhood. Men’s leather shoes have long ago moved on from just the oxfords or the brogues. There are new handcrafted men’s leather shoes in town known as Mules. They are easy to wear especially if you are holding the baby and can’t bend down for obvious reasons. It’s time to favour smart, easy and chic than just classy. What do you Dad’s? Leather Sandals: We promise you these babies are to die for. They give you the class and chic of an oxford yet comfort, ease and dependability of a sneaker. They are easy to wear with different types of clasps. They are available in multiple designs and colours and are suitable for all occasions with or without the baby in tow. They are also a new addition to the men’s leather shoes collection. I believe men finally decided that it was time for a bigger fashion change in their everyday life. Men’s Chappals: Ah! The introduction of leather men’s chappals have started a war between the normal chappals and men’s leather chappals. These chappals bring class, intellect, chic and dependability all in one.