In Love and Bored: Is It Possible?

Being in love is supposed to be the most amazing, engrossing, thrilling thing ever. But... what if it's not? We see quotes like this all the time: But is that really realistic? For those of us who haven't truly been in love before – how do we know what love is really like? So here's a little poll for you all, because I'm interested in hearing what you have to say: Is it possible to be in love and bored? Can you get tired of the love of your life? Is true love sometimes not the thrilling emotional roller coaster depicted in the movies? And does the belief that love will never be boring or anything less than 100% satisfying set us up for failure later, when we find the love of our lives and then they turn out to NOT be the answer to all our problems?

How to Avoid Flirting With Someone

That creepy guy at the office is leaning up against your desk, YET AGAIN. It's a real drag having to suffer through unwanted moves – how do you shut it down without making a big deal out of it? First of all, realize that sometimes a "big deal" NEEDS to be made, like in the case of unwanted sexual contact, sexual harassment, assault, etc. For more information on what that looks like and what to do if it happens, click here. But when you feel that it's relatively harmless, like the clueless flirtation of a well-intentioned coworker that you're just not that into, or someone who's charming, polite, and confident, but just not your cup of tea, try out these strategies. Minimize opportunities for flirtation! Hang out in groups! Try not to spend alone time with this person. Don't hang out one on one, or outside of situations that you absolutely have to spend time together. When you do see them, refrain from sharing too much personal information or being overly friendly or touchy. It's happened to me a million times; I thought I was just being friendly, but somehow a guy misconstrued my behavior as flirty. -__-

8 Ideas for More Intimacy

Wanna get closer to the person you love? Going from flirty friendship to true intimacy takes time, but these little tips will certainly give you a running head start. Jump into your relationship, and go deeper with these 8 ideas for furthering intimacy! 1. Say what you're really feeling. Challenge yourself to speak the truth to your partner, and share the secret things you're feeling waayyy deep down. When you're insecure, when you're scared, when you're hurt... It takes courage, but it teach you more about yourself (and someone else) than you ever thought possible. 2. Give PDA a try. It doesn't have to be in front of your closest friends – try it when you're somewhere anonymous, like a train station, or walking in an unfamiliar city. The resulting feelings of closeness (not to mention that giggly rush of feeling like high schoolers making out and in love for the first time) will amaze you. It's a you-against-the-world (who might just be giving you the stink eye) bliss.

Quick Tip: Combat Relationship Insecurity!

Do you ever feel like you're not good enough for your relationship? Or like that special someone will NEVER like you? Or maybe you feel just a little unloved, even though your partner is amazing and wonderful in every way? The good news is, a) these feelings are SO normal, b) they're nobody's fault, and c) there are easy ways to work through them! Over the weekend I got a great tip from a friend who's a psychologist that I really wanted to share with you all. It had to do with a simple (but in my personal experience, highly effective) way of dealing with relationship insecurity. Am I Insecure In My Relationship?