Dance!!! Fools by Jungkook and Rap Monster

So I'm sure you are all aware of the cover Jungkook and Namjoon did of Fool (if you aren't you should look it up cause it's amazing). So I am a dance Major in college and back in October I was injured. I needed surgery and that wasn't something I could avoid. So in January I had the surgery. After I had the surgery I started PT but I couldn't do anything. I couldn't walk, I couldn't stand, I couldn't even sit down because the leg was completely useless. It was a really hard time for me; I have been dancing since I was 2 years old. Never once had I not danced for even a month, and now I wasn't going to be able to dance for at least 6 months. Since I had nothing better to do I was on the Internet all day everyday after the surgery. And spent a lot of time listen to BTS and the covers Jungkook did. Fools was playing a lot on my playlist and it was stuck in my head pretty much all day, which made me want to dance to it. At first, I was really depressed by not being able to do what I loved but then my mom came home from work one day and said as a joke "You could always roll around on the floor!" So guess what I did. I used my arms to lower myself from the bed to the floor and sat on the ground. I danced while sitting on the floor, focusing my movements in my upper body. Eventually, as I continued PT, I gain back muscle and abilities little by little. I used my arms to move around on the floor so I was no longer only sitting in one spot. After a few months I was able to put move around more freely so I added a chair to the dance (which worked out really well with the story of the dance; but I'll get to that later). I was able to lift myself into the chair and move my legs without having to have weight on them. I was now able to have movement within my whole body again! As I slowly progressed with the choreography I was also slowly progressing with my recovery; so as I got stronger the movements did too. I eventually finished the entire dance and it took up all 4 minutes of the song (I know to some that might not seem like a lot but 4 minutes in the dance world is a long time... plus this was the first piece I had ever choreographed so give me some credit). Today was the day I was finally able to perform my piece in front of an audience, and they loved it. Most of the people that were there knew I had been injured but they said the dance was perfect and fit together so well!!! (They also like how I use the chair in ways they had never seen but that is heard to explain so when I get the full video of my dance I can post it so you understand) The story of the dance! I am a girl who is FOOLISHLY (ha! See what I did there? Sorry) in love with someone that has left them. The chair represents where that person should be. The chair is where I want them to be, it is where I am comfortable. I sit in the chair because I feel as though if I do I could feel like that person is with me again. I try to leave the chair but I always return to it. Walking away is just not something I am ready for. So that is my dance story. I know it was really long so I'm sorry, but I really wanted to share this with someone because I'm really proud and I have no to talk to about it so Vingle came to mind. I also just wanted to thank Jungkook and Rap Monster for singing a song that made me want to find a way to dance again m, even if it was unconventional. I know they won't ever see this but I just want to put it out into the universe, the song really helped me through a difficult time so I feel like thanks are in order.
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