Minecraft Pocket Edition - How To Make Your Gaming Experience Better With These Useful Tips

Drag Clicking is a method where in you drag your fingers on the right or left mouse button in an intense way, thereby causing your mouse to click more often. To better understand this subject, have documented video of yourself performing the drag-click click technique. The videos are clear, and you can clearly see what is happening. You will notice that your fingers keep dragging in various directions. When you are done dragging, the video ends. It is as easy as that. Drag Clicking is similar to Interval based clicking and cycling. The key difference is in the amount of friction you apply to the mouse. Friction refers to the amount of pressure exerted by your finger against the mouse. To improve Drag Clicking, you need to learn how to minimize the amount of finger friction. How do you do that? Try this simple trick. Make sure to practice your newly acquired skills on this amzing drag click test to outsmart your competitors with ease. If you look at some of the standard mice, you will notice that there are two kinds of mouse switch available: the wheel and the lever. The wheel type has more friction meaning it takes more finger power to move it around and this leads to uneven clicking. On the other hand, the lever type offers a fair advantage. It offers a fair amount of friction but because it is spring loaded, it can respond faster to mouse movements. This is why most web browsers have buttons with a circular shape around them, which are referred to as "wheel" buttons, while those with flat shapes like circular buttons are referred to as "lever" buttons. Apart from that, the most important feature of this mouse type is its customizable buttons. The wheel and lever mice have a wide range of customizable buttons. These buttons can be customized by its users through a whole range of things like size, color, style, transparency, and sensitivity. There is even a special kind of " macros" that can be assigned to a particular user for specific purposes. The only disadvantage of these custom buttons is that they can become useless if the user presses the wrong keys or clicks the wrong things when using the mouse. Now let's see how we can abuse this custom button for our benefit. Say you use a Web Browser like Internet Explorer and Firefox. In this case, you should try to press the "shift" key to access the "alt" function in your keyboard. By pressing this special key combination, you will automatically view a Web page from the right side since the page is opened in the right side browser window.