How much do you know about micro-arc oxidation?

1. Process introduction The full English name of micro-arc oxidation is Microarc oxidation, abbreviated as MAO, and its other name is micro-plasma oxidation, the full English name is Microplasma oxidation, abbreviated as MPO. Through the combination of electrolyte and corresponding electrical parameters, on the surface of aluminum, magnesium, titanium and their alloys, a ceramic film layer mainly composed of base metal oxides is grown on the surface of aluminum, magnesium, titanium and their alloys by the instantaneous high temperature and high pressure generated by arc discharge. Take the micro-arc plasma oxidation of aluminum and its alloys as an example, that is, aluminum and its alloys are placed in an electrolyte solution, and through high-voltage discharge, spark discharge spots are generated in the micropores of the material. Under the combined action of, a hard ceramic layer mainly containing α-Al203 and containing r-Al203 is formed on its surface. The basic principle of micro-arc oxidation technology is similar to that of anodizing technology, the difference is that plasma discharge is used to enhance the chemical reaction that occurs on the anode. Micro-arc oxidation is in the spark discharge zone, and the voltage is relatively high. When the anodic oxidation voltage exceeds a certain value, the initially formed oxide film with a certain degree of insulation is broken down, resulting in micro-arc discharge, forming an instantaneous ultra-high temperature area ( (Up to 8000 degrees Celsius), the oxide or base metal is melted or even vaporized in this area. In the contact reaction with the electrolyte, the melt is chilled to form a non-metallic ceramic layer; the film is uniform and dense, with relatively pores The area is small, and the overall performance of the film is greatly improved. Because the ability of the film to be broken down under the action of a high-voltage electric field is enhanced, the diffusion ability of positive and negative ions in the film is enhanced. Micro-arc oxidation can obtain a thicker film than anodic oxidation. Layer; And on the surface of some aluminum alloys with a large proportion of Cu, Si and other elements that are not easy to form anodized, thick films with good performance can also be obtained. Since the micro-arc oxidation ceramic is a dense ceramic layer grown directly on the metal surface in situ, it can improve the material's own corrosion resistance, wear resistance, electrical insulation and high temperature impact resistance. The basic process is: Degreasing—water washing—micro-arc oxidation—pure water washing—closed—drying 2. Bath/Equipment

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