IT WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE I am really sorry for all of those people who missed it but don't give up there is always another year. So if you want to here is what kcon turned out for me! I was able to get a 3 day convention ticket with Sunday concert. I was able to see and even touch!! Many celebrities if you want to find out more it's all here~~~ FRIDAY 31ST On Friday the very first day of Kcon there was quite a lot a lot of people I was honestly quite scared because I have never seen so many people in my life. First day was the day to go to convention it was the best day of the convention because there was no celebrities and no performances so we got to wonder around the whole place for 8 hours which was awesome. I was able to get so much free stuff from Mnet CGV etc. There was also Marching Band which played songs form popular dramas. Oh and they were screening movie Twenty with Kim Woo Bin and that movie was so freaking hilarious at one point I was laughing so hard I was literally crying and I though I was going to die cuz I ran out of breath it was that hilarious. SATURDAY 1ST That's when everything became twice as awesome. So when you register you get an audience pass every person gets it randomly. At first me and my friend got Roy Kim and Zion T & Crush. But we didn't really know them so we exchanged the tickets for Monsta X!!! And were able to see them up close they were so adorable!!!
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HI GUYS I NEED YOUR HELP So as might have seen or not my previous post I REALLY want to make a one big video that consists out of all small videos of A.R.M.Y's support and love for BTS. Right now our boys are very tired from endless concerts and now the thing that happened with RM.....they need us......as we need them. Social media is a powerful thing and we can use it for us to reach BTS and show them that they can relay on their fans for support that there are way more good fans then those mean trolling butt holes. So if you want to show their support please email me at annanaumova4@gmail.com email me your video or artwork or pics anything to support BTS and I will make one big video and no worries I will include everyone's names and profiles on the video so your work won't be lost. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME DO THIS. LETS SHOW THE POWER OF A.R.M.Y *UPDATE* Guys I'm so sorry but please if you send videos please send videos that are around 20-30 seconds max. Because I got few submissions and I realised that if everyone going to do a minute video then it will come out veryyy long. So I'm really sorry 미안해요 If you already sent it it's fine but for people who are about to do it please make it as short as possible. IM SORRYYYYY*bows*

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Hi guys I know I haven't been posting in awhile or I haven't been replying or anything like that. I'm very sorry about that I am going through some very serious and bad stuff at home so it's just a big struggle. So I haven't been on Vingle at all. But now I'm back and I'm very very mad. Because of this.... (I got this picture from here, also this is a article about this incident http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/07/rap-monster-faces-another-gun-threat-via-twitter) Okay so please excuse me for my potty language but...... Who the fuck is so stupid and despicable to do this????? This is literally attention whoring. This person made this post probably knowing how terrible that will make boys feel. They already terribly tired and how bad this will make them feel! I can't even imagine what they going through right now! And not only that the tour in Mexico might get canceled in general really upsetting thousands of fans. Just because someone decided to play a sick joke. And for those people who are like me and worried sick that this might be a real gun. Don't worry because I searched it up this person took pictures from Trevon Martin case from this website http://kissdetroit.hellobeautiful.com/3505727/george-zimmermans-attorney-attempts-to-smear-image-of-trayvon-martin/