2 years ago
IT WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE I am really sorry for all of those people who missed it but don't give up there is always another year. So if you want to here is what kcon turned out for me! I was able to get a 3 day convention ticket with Sunday concert. I was able to see and even touch!! Many celebrities if you want to find out more it's all here~~~ FRIDAY 31ST On Friday the very first day of Kcon there was quite a lot a lot of people I was honestly quite scared because I have never seen so many people in my life. First day was the day to go to convention it was the best day of the convention because there was no celebrities and no performances so we got to wonder around the whole place for 8 hours which was awesome. I was able to get so much free stuff from Mnet CGV etc. There was also Marching Band which played songs form popular dramas. Oh and they were screening movie Twenty with Kim Woo Bin and that movie was so freaking hilarious at one point I was laughing so hard I was literally crying and I though I was going to die cuz I ran out of breath it was that hilarious. SATURDAY 1ST That's when everything became twice as awesome. So when you register you get an audience pass every person gets it randomly. At first me and my friend got Roy Kim and Zion T & Crush. But we didn't really know them so we exchanged the tickets for Monsta X!!! And were able to see them up close they were so adorable!!!
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