How different would India be if it bans foreign social media platforms?

As we all know Government of India is taking action to ban Social media Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. What do you think banning these Social Media Apps would be beneficial or not? India would be boosting up the economy if Indian players develop Indian Social Media Apps and Indian People started using them. But likewise, me there comes one thing in everybody’s mind that is it practical to switch from foreign Social Media Apps to Indian Social Media Apps, and will Indian start using these or will switch to these or not? So the answer to this is nowadays everyone appreciates quality things. Quality matters more than quantity. So like Foreign Social Media Apps there would be the same features in Indian Social Media Apps as why would not be users using it. Add some exciting Features in Social Media App Development and make Social Media Apps more efficient and Interesting to use. Users will definitely use the product if it’s of good quality. If we could make up a more exciting App then people in foreign could also switch to this and use it. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also started from Zero. They also set up their brand name in the market. At the initial stage, no one starts with success. It Could Definitely take time but definitely, results would be worth it. So according to me, it would make a great change and also a positive one after Someone. For Social Media App development you can contact Mobile App development Companies which would provide you an App with exciting features and bug-free Application.