Top 5 architecture blogs to start your 2023 with

Architecture blogs are not just a great resource of knowledge and a treasure trove of ideas for beginner or professional architects. Best architecture blogs and websites are also a great way to distract yourself on a gloomy evening or a Saturday morning and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of majestic buildings. It is an opportunity to dream and learn more about our fabulous world. Original, new ideas, impressive stories, and breathtaking images — all this you will find in our top 5 architecture websites to bookmark in 2023. If you are looking for inspiration for new projects or want to stay up to date with the latest architectural trends, you are definitely in the right place. ArchDaily Of course, we decided to start our list of the best architecture blogs in 2023 with ArchDaily. Recognized as one of the most visited architecture sites in the world, ArchDaily contains thousands of pages with descriptions of architectural projects, news posts, interviews, events, awards, exhibitions, and products with a variety of pictures, detailed descriptions, and intriguing facts. You can scroll through the main page of the site for hours and open many additional tabs in your browser with a bunch of interesting articles and architectural novelties of the year. Influential and leading architects and designers from all over the world share their experiences and knowledge in this architecture blog. And do not worry — even with such a flow of information, you will always find what you need. For the convenience of users, everything is divided into sections and themes, such asSustainability, Materials, Technology, Metaspace, What is good architecture?, Videos, City Guides, and much more. ArchDaily can also be a great resource for those who love and often search for quality architectural competitions. From professional architects and designers to ordinary connoisseurs of architecture, everyone will find something for themselves in this daily architecture blog. Even those who wandered here by chance will not be able to get out of this “web of interest” indifferently. Dezeen It is impossible to talk about the best architecture blogs in the world without mentioning Dezeen. However… Dezeen is not just a collection of articles and news in the field of design and architecture. This is a huge service that provides just a lot of opportunities. Millions of readers from all over the world visit the site every day, looking for inspiration in the descriptions of architectural projects, learning about the latest technological innovations, design trends, and the most relevant news of the world. And if you can’t find a minute to read about “Ten modern homes with interiors informed by biophilic design” — it doesn’t matter. Each publication in the Magazine can be listened to!
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