Shin Hoseok moment

Shin Hoseok would be so happy to try something new with you. Watch new show, movies, play games, maybe even try a new hobbie. You both would gey into a new show and since he woupd be busy with work and miss the new episodes you would watch the show alone, you didnt mind you would rewatch the episodes with Hoseok all you wanted was to spend time with him. One day Hoseok had the day off adn wanted to catch up on the episodes that he had missed. You agreed to watch it with him, while watching the show a good part of the show was coming up since you couldnt keep your mouth closed you told him what happened. You felt bad so tried to stay quiet for the rest of the episodes that he had missed. Another good part came up and you really wanted to explain to him what would happen because he would be confused, he got sad so after the show ended he went to his room quietly. Weeks went by and he has been ignoring you because he was slightly mad at the way you spoiled the movie. Hoseok felt bad for making you feel lonely. You both agreed to live together and face the ups and down of living under one roof. He got worried since you werent home when he was. He looked everywhere and when he found you at your favorite park, he sat next to you and apologize for ignoring you and not talking about what made him upset. He bought you a charm to remind him from and to make up for everything. Will you accept or will you decline. write you choice in the comments. @Bwolfgirl @LocoForJiyong @AridaysRamirez @Purplicious
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