Chapter 1 : Pulling Pigtails

A small smile curled Jimin's lips as the young woman laughed delightedly with her friends. The small group of three had been together since their first year of schooling and Jimin didn't know what she would do without them. Many didn't take time to look at their small group because all three of them were bigger than the rest of their classmates. Jimin knew though that it was easy for all three of them to lose weight but her two friends refused to do so, not wanting to fall to what they called the standard beauty practices. Jin was a very busy young woman though, always helping out at her parents store and never seemed to have time to hang out with her friends outside of school. On the other hand Jungmin just preferred to stick to being with her friends and away from the rest of the school, preferring to hide her bunny smile from everyone other than Jin and Jimin. No one could say that the group weren't close to each other, many thought that the group was at times too close to each other. The three knew things about each other that no one else knew, like that Jimin and Jin both had a thing for a guy who was older than them or that Jungmin was afraid at times to go home to her parents, but this is not where our story starts. This starts with the day that changed Jimin for life and caused her to leave. "So did you guys hear about the dance competition coming up?" Jimin asked bouncing over to her friends, ponytail bouncing. Jin and Jungmin looked at each other, before shaking their heads in unison. They knew how much their friend loved to dance, especially in front of large crowds. A small smile curled Jin's lips as she laughed softly at the offended look on Jimin's face at their unknowing. Jungmin shrugged slightly from where she sat on Jin's left while Jimin huffed and sat down across from the pair. The three slipped into a quiet conversation as they waited for the lunch bell to ring, releasing them. "I was thinking of auditioning." Jimin admitted shyly, playing with the end of her ponytail. "I don't know if I will get in though." It was as Jin opened her mouth to scold the younger woman that Yoongi appeared. He sneered at them, having heard their conversation and shook his head despondently. Namjoon seemed to teleport and appear at the others side, his hands shoved into the pockets of his pants as the stared blankly at the three heavier set girls.
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