Hot Co-co(caine)(Part 1/2) (Monsta X Holiday Fanfic Entry)

Hello y'all~ This one-shot fic is my one and only entry for the Holiday Fanfic Contest! This took me a while to write, so my apologies for the slightly late entry :') Just btw this fic is Hyungwonho themed (because I'm a massive Hyungwonhoe like I liveeeee for it xD). It's also kind of super long (like a tiny bit over 10,000 words long in total ;-; oops). SOoooo I will be splitting it into two parts ;~; I hope that's okay! I will be uploading this onto Asian Fanfics as well so I'll link that once I upload it there, so feel free to read it there as well if you prefer the formatting there (I personally do :p) Here's the Asian Fanfics link: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1201890/1 A little preface: It's set in Gwangju which, fun fact, is Hyungwon's hometown! And the places in this fic actually kind of exist so that's cool xD
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