I just realized yesterday was Friday and I havent seen any feels so let me share some of mine that I brought up last week; Charlie Bradbury. Charlie was a woman I connected with most out of every add show I have ever watched. Spunky, Super Nerd, and too clever for her own dam good. She was a forced to be reckoned with. I loved her, and for the longest time I thought she had the curse of the female acctress beat. I was SO let down when she passed. I mean what the guys, really? ON TOP OF THAT SHE DIED ALONE AND AFRAID!!!! I AM SO PISSED.... *growls and pumps her fists* I AM STILL VERY UPSET ABOUT THIS. I really enjoyed her bad ass side though, that was pretty dope. Especially the evil twin bit. That shiz was amazeballs. AGAIN WHY!?!?!?!? HERE LET ME SHARE WITH YOU THE IMAGE THAT NOT ONLY HAUNTS DEAN'S NIGHTMARES BUT MINE AS WELL. FUCK YOU SAM FOR GETTING HER INVOLVED IN THE FIRST PLACE. You'd think that moose would know to listen to Dean by now. How many god blessed times has Dean said; "No, Sammy, dont do that. Bad things are gonna happen if you keep acting like a Jackass?" *fumes* *end rant* humph