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2NE1 Week Begin part of one of Korea’s Big Three Companies (SM , YG, JYP) mean you have some of the best videos with (sometimes) an amazing story line/ plot. 2NE1(YG) is no exception. The girls have some high quality videos with amazing stories / plots. 2NE1’s debut song, Fire, got two videos- a space theme and street theme. Outfits of those fit the group and song perfectly. Both videos focus mostly on the dance with induvial shots of the girls. This is a great away to familiarize yourself with the girls and learn the dance. Clap Your Hands was also filmed with a street theme and street style outfits. The video again focuses on the girls and the dance. This is song is still one of their older songs at a time where the girls were still considered rookies so induvial scenes and dance scenes make a lot of sense. The induvial scenes show the girls personalities a lot. In Follow Me you can really see that YG is starting to CL as the face of the group, she gets a lot of induvial scenes and her outfit make her stand out more than the others. During this time, the girl’s roles in the group are becoming clearer. Minzy’s scenes show her to clearly be the best dancer of the group (Main Dancer), every time Bom’s lines come up she get an induvial cut (Lead Vocalist), all of Dara’s cuts show her funny/ cute side (Mood-maker), and CL gets majority of the screen time (Face of the Group). Hate You is the only animated video the girls have. CL is the blonde character, Bom is the short orange haired girl, Dara is the long brunette, and Minzy is the short black-haired girl. The main guy they are hunting down looks a lot like GD. Many of the comments now say that the guy is YG, due to the girl’s disbandment.
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2NE1 Week

Dara has always been my favorite 2NE1 member and it’s an honor to introduce her in this weeks Get To Know 2NE1! Early Life Sandara Park, better known as Dara was born November 12, 1984 in Busan, South Korea. In 1992 due tough finances her family moved to the Philippines. In 1995 her family moved once again to Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines and began their new life. Path to Stardom In 2004 Dara met Pauleen Luna, a former talent of ABS-CBN Corporation Talent Center. Luna suggested Dara audition for Star Circle Quest, a talent search program like American Idol and K-pop Star. During the season Dara faced elimination several times but made it to the Top 10. During the last elimination round Dara received half a million text votes helping her secure second place on the show. Dara then joined the stations popular tv show, Star Magic, and received many commercial endorsements and television appearances. In 2004 she stared her first movie Bcuz of U, the film won her the “Best New Actress” award at the 21st Philippine Move Press Club Star Awards. In 2005 she stared in her second movie “Can This Be Love”. That year she was nominated for the “Best Performance by and Actress in a Leading Roll (Musical or Comedy)” at the Golden Screen Awards. In 2006 she did two more movies, D’Lucky Ones and Super Noypi. Super Noypi was Dara’s last movie. While in the Philippines, Dara also worked on music, she released a six-track album titled “Sandara”. On August 1, 2007 her family returned to South Korea. Korean Stardom

Meet Red Velvet (Part Two)

Galaxy Girls: Get to Know Red Velvet Oh Joy, how I love to have you wreck my bias list at random times of the day. This part two of my Get to Know Red Velvet card. Be sure to check out Wendy’s card and the fellow Galaxy Girl’s card too! All cards will be link, and I will try to make a collection for you guys so you never miss a card! Park Soo-young, better known as Joy, was born in Jeju Island, South Korea on September 3, 1996. From a young age Soo-young was into music, taking interest in trot music. It wasn’t until after she received praise for her cover of Flying Duck by Korean rock band Cherry Filter did Soo-young dream of being a singer. In 2012 Soo-young took part of S.M. Global Auditions in Seoul and was casted. It was a during her two-year training period she was given her stage name Joy by her vocal coach. On July 29,2014 Joy was introduced as the fourth and final member of Red Velvet. Unlike her other group mates, Joy was never part of SM Rookies and was making her first public appearance in Red Velvet’s official teasers and photos. Right of the back the public loved Joy and she quickly became the unofficial, official face of the group taking the crown from Irene. In 2015 Joy was casted in We Got Married, a Korean variety show that pairs Korean celebrities in a virtual marriage. Her virtual husband was Yook Sung-Jae of BtoB. The couple soon became known as the Bbyu couple and showed a pure innocent relationship that reminded many of their first love. The show did wonders for Joy, helping land her a solo pictorial in the Korean magazine CeCi, a first for the rookie idol.