My Two Cents

Okay, I hardly post cards but I felt this topic has prompted a ranting/rambling card from myself. It seems everyone is giving their opinion on this, but here's my two cents about what's been going on, on twitter with the whole Snapchat debacle, and Got7. Okay first things first I would like you all to know I live in America and I'm African American and Hispanic, so the topic of the oh so fearful 'n' word is a very common topic I hear, especially when I start talking to my mom about her childhood. Now my mom grew up in the 60's and lived on the east coast so she has definitely had her fair share of stories to tell. But something she doesn't understand is how the 'n' word got so mainstream, now a days. Seriously, people in America actually say this word left and right, and that's probably due to a cultural change. But a big thing about the cultural change is that despite the word being so mainstream everyone still kind of walks on eggshells, ESPECIALLY: politicians, actors, stars, and idols of the like. Because one wrong move and the media will have you for lunch. Now I've only said this cause I thought this is a key argument that everyone should be aware of, because I'm seeing fans left and right getting upset that Bambam is getting a lot of hate right now, but to be honest did anyone not expect him to be bombarded like this? Especially now? If anyone is still aware it's like every other week there seems to be a shooting that is prejudice to some group or minority of people in America, and there is literally a bunch of Black Lives Matters marches being held every which way; and the fact that he said what people thought to be the 'n' word, in a time like this, and that fact that he is such a big idol with thousands upon thousands of fans in America, or rather internationally, I honestly didn't expect so many people to be surprised that this was blown out of proportion BY THE MEDIA. Because at a time like this it's inevitable as the media is always looking for an idol's next mistake. Now I do understand why people are getting upset about this being blown out of proportion. Because number one I am a fan, I love them just as much as anyone else, though probably not as much as the hardcore fans who are extremely upset. But like you guys it hurts to see them being attacked like this. HOWEVER, this will eventually blow over, because despite the big deal being made now, some other idol or famous person is gonna fuck up and that will start to trend, cause let's be honest nothing last forever especially on social media. There's thousands of trends every week, and there is bound to be something in the next few weeks that will start an uproar like this. Anyway, the second thing is that I also understand why people are more upset with the girl who posted this on social media rather than Got7 themselves. But this is yet another thing people like to do: pointing fingers. One of the biggest truths that I live by is that "You have no one to blame but yourself." You should be aware of your actions at all times, but sometimes even when you are careful things blow up in your face. I do understand that she probably should've checked first with the guys before posting, and to be honest it's most likely she did, but another thing is that these boys are in fact adults and should've been aware of their actions and that fact that she was posting things like this on social media. As much as I hate to say this, everyone is at fault here. And the girl should not be singled out because of this, cause guess what? You're really only moving the blame to someone else, you are pointing fingers and becoming the so called 'haters', in a manner of speaking, and that usually never resolves anything. I'd like to make a full circle back to a very important thing. Culture. Yes I am aware that some words in the Korean language sound like cuss words or words that shouldn't be said, in other languages, especially in this case. It's the same with all languages. There's a history behind every word, in each language, that is going to mean something entirely different in another. And another thing is that Bambam probably doesn't realize his "mistake" because he probably doesn't understand what's happening because when it comes to learning history, each country tends to stick to it's own history rather than the worlds. BUT, as someone born and raised in LA, California, Mark very well should know what's happening, and perhaps should explain it to the others. Despite this though, it really isn't the matter of whether Bambam meant to or not; or even the fact that he might not have understood, but the fact he said it, or at least what the media painted as it. And although that seems extremely unfair, that's just how the world works and that is just really shitty, I know. To be honest I only ranted because I don't think we as fans should point fingers or be overly upset about this because like I said it was inevitable, and it will eventually die down. We shouldn't be blowing this out of proportion than it already has been by the media. If I offended anyone I'm sorry, and you are free to leave your own opinions in the comments below of what you think, cause there is always multiple sides to every story.