I feel so lost right now

I just need to get this off my mind. I’ve been struggling so much lately. I dropped my college classes a few months ago and have since got a part time job. I hate this job. I know what I need and it’s a more laid back enviornment but I dont know what to to do. Every time I tell people that my job is too high strung and that I need a more laid back setting they just tell me "byt every job is going to have stress" and I realize that but not so much that you feel like coming home and crying you know?. I feel like everyone wants me to go to college and get a degree, which I mean…I probably have to. But I just have no idea what to do. I want to do something creative that allows me to have some kind of freedom, but I’m so stuck right now. I dont know what to do….I'm sorry to subject you guys to my problems I just didnt know if anyone knew of anything that could help...anything would be appreciated

Shinee Week Day 7!

Why do I love Shinee? let's start with obvious reasons....they're music is amazing! Whenever they perform they give their all for Shawols, and you can tell they love what they do they're dorks! they never fail to make me laugh! I know that if I am ever feeling down, that these guys will bring a smile to my face. individually. I love onew because he's an amazing person. He's one of the best leaders out there. he leads them quietly, but he knows what is best for them. he may be a goofball but he has a huge heart. jonghyun loves performing with everything inside him. he never fails to put on an amazing show. not only that but he isn't afraid to put himself out there. If he wants to be goofy then he's goofy, but if he's angry then he'll show it. Jonghyun is always Jonghyun likewise, key is never afraid to be himself. What you see is what you get. His confidence never ceases to amaze me, but behind his confidence he is a real sensitive spirit. just from little things I've heard about him, he is an amazing friend and a loving person who is always willing to help. minho is a beautiful soul. he is caring and strong and SUPER talented. I feel like Minho doesnt get enough credit, and that all he is seen for is his looks and his athleticism. He raps, he dances, he sings, and he acts. he holds his own against the other intense personalities in Shinee, and he deserves more recognition than just being the "dibidibidi" guy