Real Women Fuck

An Amber smut upon request on my tumblr enjoy! I sit on the floor with my feet behind me. I sit with my back up straight, my eyes to the floor, and my hands gently placed on my thighs. I raise my gaze when I hear my lover enter the room. I swallow hard and fidget at the sight of her. Amber stands in front of me completely naked aside from a seven inch strap on hugging her sexy hips. She smirks and looks down at me taking another step closer. She reaches down and runs her fingers on the side of my face moving them upward so she can tangle them in my hair. I close my eyes and sigh out as she slowly pulls forcing my head back I open my eyes back up as she rubs the tip of her snap on against my parted lips. I look up at her and start to suck hard but slow. She guides my head moving it faster forcing me to take it all in at once and then slowly pull it from my mouth. I start to pant as she repeats this for a time. Saliva quickly coats her stolen member and starts to drip from my mouth. When I first met Amber she was forced to hide who she really is for the sake of her title to fame. But now she has learned how to be completely who she is and who she wants to be. With a woman. I am grateful that Amber fell in love with me. Not only my heart but also my body belongs to her and I gave them both up with no fight. With Amber there is no fight, no worry. With her there is only love, trust, and lust. And all three of those emotions I feel as Amber pins me to the bed. She stares down at me for a moment then slowly leans down and just barely presses her lips to mine. I lift my head and take her bottom lip in between my teeth telling her without using words how she makes me feel. Amber slowly moves down to my heated sex sliding her hands from around my wrists to pin my hips down instead. I take in a sharp gasp as she wraps her mouth around my clit making it hard with excitement. I arch my back and try to buck my hips despite Amber having them firmly pinned. “You always squirm.” She breathes again my inner thighs. “Be still.” She demands digging her nails into my hip bones only making me want her more. She lifts her eyes lock her gaze with mine and I moan at how dark her gaze is. Nothing but lust falls there. I bite my lip and arch my back from the bed even more as she slides her tongue in my dripping sex. I let my hands fall and let my fingers wrap around her hair pulling it. When Amber licks and sucks hard pressing her tongue to my clit as she slides two fingers inside me not even he firm hold on my hips can stop them from buckling. I moan and pant hard as I buck my hips only adding to the pleasure she is giving me. The suddenly she pulls away to stand on her knees in front of me. I look up at her panting like a dog and she blushes ever so slightly handing me a remote. I take it and know exactly what it’s for. I turn on the vibrator already within Amber’s walls and watch addictively as she bites her lip at the sensation. Even she cannot stop her hips from bucking as i up the speed a small degree. Soon she is panting as I am hovering over me. Without warning she slides into me making my walls tense around the foreign object. This is why this strap on is her favorite. It curves ever so slightly but it's just the right amount to hit my spot with ease. In less than a minute I am gripping the sheets above my head begging her to go faster. The excitement from both of our sexes soon wet the bed only making it more unbearable. “Please!!” I beg to her. That does the trick. The sound of me begging for her makes Amber obey my plea. Faster and harder she thrusts her hips holding my hips up so she can go as deep as possible. Amber throws her head back and moans as I increases the speed of the vibrator. But it doesn't take too long for her to lift her head back up and look down at me with a smirk playing on her lips. Lifting up her hand amber pulls out a remote of her own and hits the on button. It all comes over me at once. Instantly the shaft starts to vibrate violently within me. I reach both of my hands above my head to grip the sheets and arch my back away from the bed. It’s all too much too soon and all at once. Amber knows this but instead she starts to ram into me not only hitting my spot also forcing the sweet vibration to radiate my orgasm and wrap itself around it. Yes. It’s all too much for me. It only takes one more thrust from Amber to seal the deal and my hips shake and my walls pulse as my climax washes over me. I embrace it all though loving the way Amber drives my body to new limits each time. But two can play at this game. Amber made the mistake of forgetting I have my own magical remote. I will use it to make her go crazy. Keeping my hands under the pillow above my head I wait for the right time to go through with my attack. Faster and harder she thrusts making me temporarily distracted. But I can’t lose focus now. I bite my lip and force my eyes open to look up at Amber’s smug face. Now! I say to myself and turn the speed all the way up. Amber instantly reacts falling from her knees to hover over my body panting hard eyes closed and face flushed with pleasure. Her body stills but I know a sensual heat it running through her body. I smirk to myself as she lets out a loud moan a plea almost for me to show her body mercy. But I will not. The sight of her so flustered and hot makes my excitement rise and my pleasure boil. She moves her hands to wrap them around my wrists pinning them back to the bed roughly. Her head hangs down and she pants hard and fast. I look up and a whole new rush of excitement flows from my sex as I see that her eyes are closed and she is biting her lip hard trying not to moan. I won’t have that though. Even though she has my wrists pinned to the bed I take what flexibility I have to lift my head tilting my head back so that I can touch my lips to her neck. At first I praise her by panting hard against the sensitive part of her neck. He thrusts her hips slowly returning the praise. I close my eyes my eyelashes tickling her neck and I moan loudly. I pant against her neck a few times before opening my mouth and biting down on her neck making her go crazy. Her nails dig into the skin of my wrists and I arch my back toward her body. “Fuck…” Amber sighs out her body shaking. That’s when she starts to ram into me again making my body go crazy with all the pleasure Amber is forcing through my veins. Just like mine before Amber’s hips start to buck and shake violently and she throws her head back. The most addictive and lustful moan flows from Amber’s mouth and that’s all it takes for me to be thrown into another high. I try to break my wrists from her grasp and Amber complies letting my wrists free. I instantly lift my arms and wrap my arms around her neck clawing at her back. She sighs out loudly and moans her my name hiding her face in my neck. This time I am the one to moan loudly as she growls and bites down on my neck holding the skin between her teeth. I scream out her name as loud as I can as she rams into my magnifying my climax. I reach up and pull her hair roughly and she moans into my neck as her body tenses and relaxes at the same time. A hot liquid soaks my thighs and the sheets under the both of us. I look up at Amber and smirk at the sight of her. The female ejaculation. The best thing about lesbian sex. I let Amber fall onto my putting her whole body weight on mine. I turn off the vibrator and moves from under her. I help her out of the strap on and turn that off as well. I lay next to her on my side clinging to her body. Both of us panting and sweating like crazy. We both wait for each other to calm down completely before we start to clean up the mess we both helped to make. Once the dirty sheets are in the wash and new ones are on the bed Amber stands behind me rubbing my neglected nipples making me moan on command. She leans down so that her mouth presses to my ear. “Let’s get you washed up hm?” She whispers the smirk on her lips tickling my ear.

Study (Hyunsik)

Tonight is a Friday night and instead of going out and partying like most people my age i will be spending the night studying for my test on Monday. I know all of the information that will be on it still I like to know for a fact that I'm ready for it. I have no idea why I thought it would be ok for my boyfriend to come over tonight. He’ll do nothing but distract me from my work! But I really do miss him. I haven’t seen him since Tuesday in school. I’ll only study until nine. That was I still have a lot of time to spend it with Hyunsik. Just then there was a knock at the door. I look at the clock on my phone and frown. “Why is his boy always so damn early?” I ask myself as I get up from my chair and walk to the front door. I open it and o no surprise my boyfriend is standing on the other side a smile on his face. I can’t help but return the smile. He’s just so cute. “Hey baby.” He says leaning down to me and gently holding my face in his hands before he kisses me. I blush slightly and kiss him back. “Hey you.” I say shutting the door behind him and walking back to my study room. “I’m still studying so try not to distract me ok?” I say as I sit back down in my chair. He groans and lays on the couch across from my desk. “Oh hush.” I say looking back at my book. “I’m not going to study all night long so calm down.” Hyunsik lets out a sigh but doesn’t try to change my mind. Not even twenty minutes have past when I hear him breathing deeply. I glance up at him then look against quickly as I see that his hand is wrapped around his length stroking and pumping it. My body reacts immediately and I can feel my body temperature rise and my breath hitch at the sight of him. “Hyunsik. What are you doing?” I ask trying to hide my excitement. He open is eyes and looks at me with a smirk on his lips. But instead of answering me he gets up and walks over to me to stand behind me. I tilt my head to the side and sigh out a moan as he hides his face in my neck breathing against it and gently biting it. He bites harder making my sex wake up with her own need. I reach one arm behind me and pull his hair but he unwraps it from his neck and pins it down to the desk. “Nah uh uh. You have to study. This is your motivation to finish sooner.” He whispers in my ear. I bite my lip. How the hell am I supposed to do that? I ask myself. I open my eyes back up and look at the top corner of my book. This is the last chapter. All I have to do is make it through this last chapter. I take in a deep breath and start to read the words on the page. I suck in my breath when Hyunsik moans softly against my ear. With having my hands still pinned to the desk he leans down and starts to bite at my collar bone. “Hyunsik.” I moan out softly letting my eyes flicker shut. He growls and stands me up kicking the chair out of his way. He grabs my hips pulling them to him causing me to bend over the desk. He holds my hip bone with one hand and smacks my ass with his other. “Study.” He says simply. I quickly open my eyes locking hem on the words. I can already feel my womanhood form a layer of excitement as Hyunsik rubs the area he just struck with his hand. I try my best to fully focus but it is growing more difficult with Hyunsik. I can hear him get on his knees and I hold back a moan as I feel him hold my hips. He takes his fingers and hooks them at the top of my shorts and slowly starts to pull them down. As he does Hyunsik leans forward and kisses my new bare skin from my back dimples to the underside of my backside. I lean my head back and moan his name and he instantly strikes my behind. “Study.” He says his voice a little deeper than before. I bite my lip to trap my moan. I open my eyes again and look down at my book and continue reading. I turn the page and look down at the page number. Oh thank gd I only have two more pages. I say to myself. I grasp the desk when I feel Hyunsik slide down my panties instructing me to step out of them. I start to pant when I feel his hot breath against my screaming womanhood. One page. I say to myself over and over. Hyunsik moans against my sex and then slowly he sticks out his tongue and pressed it to my clit. Finished! I say to myself and let out a loud moan. “Are you finished?” He asks me spanking my bare bottom as punishment. Openly I throw my head back and moan his name. “Yes I am.” I reply. I can feel him smirk against my dripping sex and bite my lip wondering what it is he will do next. To my shock Hyunsik stands up and pushes everything on the desk to the floor and stands on front of it. “Lay down on your back across the table.” He demands his voice so deep and sexy. I try to hide my excitement but I fail as I eagerly hop up on the desk and lay across it. He moves to the end of the table where my head is and leans down to grab the bottom of my shit and lift it up over my head. I let him take off my bra and blush as he stares at my naked body. “So damn beautiful.” He says softly. Elegantly he strips down and stands in front of my face again his hard penis laying on top of my face. I moan as I kiss it over and over. Then I open my mouth and let my tongue run along it as Hyunsik starts to thrusts his hips. “Damn.” He grunts looking down at the sight. “Scooch up let your head hang over the table a little.” He says pulling his hardness away. I frown at the absence of it but listen to what he says. “Yes like that. Now open your mouth.” He says already starting to breathe differently. I look up at him and slowly open my mouth. We both moan as he slides his length into my mouth. I instantly start to suck on his hardness earning another moan from him. “Ah fuck baby. Harder.” He moans reaching down and filling his hand with my bare breasts. I obey him and suck harder and start to buck my hips as he rubs my hard nipples gently flicking them. I yelp against him as he softly hits my nipples making my excitement drip onto the desk. I suck him hard and fast making him go crazy just as much as I am. “Fuck!” He yells as he starts to thrust down my throat in reaction. I moan along his shaft and start to gag as his whole length is fucking my throat. I reach my hands up and claw at his thighs only causing him to thrusts faster. The faster he goes the louder I gag and the more excited I get. I look up to see his balls and moan at the sight. “Ah fuck baby yes. Like that.” He moans to me as I start to suck again one he pulls out of my throat. I catch my breath from gagging so much and pull my mouth fully away to swallow his precum and my own saliva. But as soon as I open my mouth again Hyunsik shoves his full length down my throat again and starts to thrust at a more aggressive motion than before. Every time he thrusts forward I gag roughly against his tip making him grab my breasts squeezing and groping them. IT feels so good and I am gagging so much that my eyes start to water form the overwhelming stimulating my body is receiving. This stimulation is so grand and so uncontrollable that i can feel my climax approaching. I moan the best I can around the constant force of Hyunsik’s length as I start to buck my hips and dig my nails into his thighs. “Ah baby girl yes! I’m gonna cum holy fuck.” He says as he stands on his tippy toes and full force fucks my throat. It’s hard to breathe but at this moment I don’t care. With my throat sore and my gag reflex being constantly hit I arch my back tilting my head back even more taking it all like a champ. “FUUUCK!!” Hyunsik yells thrusting as fast and as hard as he possibly can. The spots where his sweat drips onto my body seems to overheat my skin in all places. The sounds of him thrusting into my mouth, the sound of his hard panting is enough to send me over the edge. I moan and scream around his length making it even harder to breathe but I don’t care. I can feel all of my climax under me as it drips from my folds. I dig my nails into his thighs as he stills and his hot cum is shot into the back of my throat causing me to instantly swallow it. “FUUUCK!!!! AAAAH FUCK!” Hyunsik yells as his whole body tenses and his penis pulses inside my throat as more cum shoots into it. Once the last of his cum shoots from his tip and I have swallowed every last drop slowly he pulls out of my throat and mouth. I take a deep breath a gasp for air and start to pant hard. I look up at him as he himself is panting just the same. “Oh my god baby girl.” He moans to me as he leans down and presses his soft lips to mine.
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A Sehun Smut

Lets Talk About Sex “I had a great time with you tonight.” I say to Sehun as we walk out of the restaurant. He smiles down at me for a moment then looks back ahead of him. “What do you want to do now?” I ask as I hold onto his arm with both of my hands. Sehun puts his hand in his pocket and thinks. After a moment he answers me. “Do you have to work tomorrow?” I shake my head. “No my boss gave me off until Monday.” I reply. A smirk forms on his lips. “What?” I ask. He shakes his head and sighs. “Why don’t you…Come over then? We can drink more wine and relax. Those old movies you like should be on at this time of night.” I open my mouth to say something but quickly shut it. Go to his house? This late? J-just the two of us? I can feel my face getting hot just thinking about it. This will be the first time we’ll be at his house alone. What if….What if he tries to- “Baby? Can you hear me? I said you don’t have to go if you don’t want to. I can take you home.” “N-no. Lets go. I want to go.” I say the words before I realise what I am saying. He looks down at me from the corner of his eyes and smiles. “Ok.” The rest of the walk was silent and in what seemed like hours we reach his home. He unlocks it and lets me in shutting and locking it behind him. “Go find something on TV. I’ll get the wine and be in there in a sec.” He says heading for the kitchen. I nod and walk over to the family room and sit on the couch. I get the remote from the table turn on the TV and start looking for something to watch. I thought looking through the TV would help my heart stop beating so fast. But just thinking about being here alone with him watching a movie on his couch makes it beat even more. I find an old balck and white movie and set the remote down back on the table. “Here.” Sehun says as he walks in and hands me a glass of red wine. i smile up at him and take the glass. “Thank you.” He sits down next to me and takes a sip of his wine. He leans back and relaxes. I sip my wine as I pretend to watch the screen. Do I want to….Take it to that level with him? I sneak a look at him from the corner of my eyes. He’s attractive I mean why else would I be dating him? He’s my boyfriend so it’s ok right? My heart races as I imagine Sehun’s hands all over my body. I blush at my sinful thoughts. But….It’s normal right? To feel this way towards him. Come on. I can’t be a pussy. Ok….Just make it casual. If he rejects your move then just stop. I give myself a pep talk before kicking off my heels and slowly placing my legs across his lap. Sehun fidgets and clears his throat but he rests his arm along my shins and rubs them softly. My heart is beating so fast I feel as though Sehun is bound to hear it. Oh My God. W-what is that against my calf!? D-does he have an erection!? Because of me!? W-what do I do!? Sehun leans his head on the back of the couch and lets out a sigh as he tries to hide the fact that he is adjusting himself. Before I can stop myself I am staring at the bulge in his pants. When Sehun looks at me I quickly look away and sip more wine from my glass. “Can you feel it? Do you want me to move?” He asks. I blush entirely and shake my head not trusting my voice. In result he grinds himself along my calves once but stops and sips more wine. I look at the TV screen trying to calm myself down. We stayed like that for the rest of the movie. With empty glasses there was no longer a quick escape from talking to him. “It’s late. You should spend the night.” Sehun says still rubbing my legs. “Y-yes. Ok I’ll stay.” He smiles and turns the TV off. “Come on you should shower.” He says gently setting my legs down on the couch after he gets up. I follow him to his bedroom my heart racing and my breath fast. he walks over to his closet and tosses me his favorite T-shirt. “Babe no this is you favorite shirt.” I tell him reaching out to give it back to him But he shakes his head. “You can wear that to bed. I want you to wear it to bed” He says walking over to the bathroom and coming back with fresh towel and wash cloth. “Here hop in the shower. I’ll take one after you.” I shake my head. “ No you get it first.” I start talking again when I see him about to argue. “Please I insist. If you don’t then I’m leaving.” He closes his mouth and rolls his eyes but walks over to the bathroom mumbling a fine. A smile and sit on his bed as I hear him start the shower. I look around his room to occupy myself. He’s so clean and organized. I alway thought he would be as messy as he is when he eats. I giggle at the thought. I look at the bathroom door as I spell old spice body wash. I blush deeply as I see Sehun’s naked body in the mirror. I want to look away. I need to look away. Isn’t this spying? I watch him as he washes his sides and stomach. I bite my lip as he tilts his head back to wash his neck. What is this feeling? Why do I feel so hot. Why does it feel like my legs are so weak. Between my legs… I slowly move my hand between my thighs….Why is it so hot and wet. I blush deeply as I watch Sehun hold his penis in his right hand. My eyes open wide as I see how big it is. I swallow hoping to cure my dry mouth. I-is he mastrabatiing…. My breath comes deeper as I watch him move his hand back and forth along his fully hard penis. Without telling my legs to move I am leaning against the wall next to the bathroom door now looking at Sehun and not his reflexion. I cover my mouth so he does not heat my heavy breathing. His hand is now moving faster and his hand is tighter around his penis. I see him biting his lip trying not to moan. But as he goes faster I hear him moan my name. Me? Is he thinking about me as he pleases himself? I lean my head against the wall and my hand is rubbing the wetness between my legs before i have time to stop it. My other hand cups my breast and I moan very softly as I rub my nipple. Is it wrong? To think of him this way? To wish that it was his hands touching me like this? Why. Why is my body so sensitive? Sehun lets out a moan and tilts his head back. I watch the seman shoot from his penis and paint the wall. So much force. I start to breathe deeper. Sehun stands there for a few seconds with his head under the water before turning it off and stepping out. I watch him still as he takes a towel and dries himself. No. I whisper. Don’t do that. I want to dry you off. I want kiss every last drop of water off from your skin. Sehun…. Once he is dry he wraps the towel around his waist and walks out. He walks past me and jumps a little when I reach out and grab his hand. “Fuck. Babe don’t do that you scared me. Why are you standing there? You could have sat on the bed.” I let my hand fall to my side as I look down at the ground. “Is something wrong? Are you not feeling well?” He asks. I slowly shakes my head. “Sehun….I’m not sure what I am feeling. My body is hot and….And all I can think about is your touch….I watched you in the shower and thrillful chills shot through my body.” I say as Sehun blushes deeply and looks away. “I’m not used to feeling this way. So please...Sehun….Make love to me…….” Sehun looks at me and swallows hard. “Are...Are you sure you want me to?” He asks walking towards me. I nod and watch him come closer. My heart starts to beat faster as he stands in front of me and presses himself against me. I look up at him ready for whatever he will do. He starts to rub his hardness against my crotch. I let out a moan causing him to move harder. Then he backs away and stares down at me breathing slightly heavy. I watch his chest rise and fall as he stands before me. He takes off his towel in one quick motion and my eyes open wide. To see him again like this sends chills through me. He reaches down and holds his hard penis in his hand and grunts. I blush but don’t look away. “Come here.” He says. I slowly walk over to him and stand in front of him. “Give me your hand.” He instructs as he holds out his hand. I place my hand in his and let him lead it to his penis. I take in a quick breath as I feel how warm it is. “Ah..Touch it.” He whispers biting his lip and studying my hand. I swallow the fear and trace my hands down his penis slowly. I pull my hand back when it pulses causing it to lift up. Sehun blushes. “Sorry sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.” He says as his face turns even more red. I look at his penis then at him. “Why does it do that?” I ask. Sehun rubs the back of his neck and continues to blush. “Heh um. Well you see when I get really turned on my dick gets extra sensitive. So by you touching it….You made me even more excited. It’s a natural reaction.” I look back down at it say. “So what you’re saying is that it wants to be in something?” “Ugh um!” I slowly get on my knees and stand before his penis. I hold it gently and swallow all hesitation. I move my lips to the tip and let my tongue tail along it. Sehun moans and thrusts his waist forward causing his penis to slide all the way down my throat. I gag hard against his penis causing him to moan loudly. I pull him out of my mouth and cough. “S-sorry babe.” Sehun says not looking at me. I look up at him while I slide all of him in my mouth again. he groans and looks down at me as I keep him in my throat. He grabs my hair and starts to thrust inside my throat. My body is so hot. I reach down between my legs and rub the wetness that is there. I moan against his penis. The vibration causes him to throw his head back and thrust harder. “That;s good baby. like that keep going like that.” He moans in between breathes. After a few moments hot semen is shot into the back of my throat. I have no choice but to swallow it and pull him away from my lips to cough hard. “Sorry.” He says looking down at me. I stand back up and look him in the eyes not saying anything. “We can stop for now. Lets us do something else.” Sehun says but I only reach around his neck and pull him down to kiss me. He moans when I wrap my tongue around his and press y body to his.He reaches down to spread my legs slightly and puts his still hard penis between them. I moan as this new feeling overwhelms my lower body. Sehun french kisses me roughly as he slides his hands under my shirt to rub my bare back. Words cannot describe his touch. I need him to touch me like this. Not being able to control my body I start to grind my body against his in slow deep and hard movements. Sehun moans in my neck as he lifts my shirt over my head and tosses it on the floor. While gripping my back he backs me up and lays me on the bed. There our kisses and breath only deepens. Our bodies lost to the overwhelming lust. Sex is the only thing that occupies our mind. Sehun lays next to me but still hovers over my body. With his free hand he runs his fingertips along the skin from my knees to my upper thighs. Daringly I spread my legs and invite his fingers to rub the source of all these feelings. I hide my face in his neck and moan into it as he slides off my panites. Out of the heat of the moment and lip my teeth mark his skin making him moan as a result. “i love that sound.” I breathe into his neck. “W-what sound.” He breathes back to me as he slides a finger inside of me. I close my eyes and moan against his skin. Then I bite his neck harder than the first time causing him to moan even louder. “That sound.” Sehun chuckles as he moves his finger in and out of me. “You’re so tight.” He moans as he leans over to bite my neck while I mark his. “Is t-that a bad thing?” I say. Feeling my suddenly tense body Sehun lifts his head to look at me. “No baby it’s a good thing. A very good thing.” “Why?” I ask. Sehun looks away then looks at me again. “Because it wraps around my dick more. It feels good.” He says as the corner of his lips curl into a smile. I nod and lift my head signaling him to let me bite his neck more. I didn’t feel his hardness until now. On my thigh across from my hip was this thick line of heat. It was there that his penis lay across. I reach down and hold it in my hand. “Ah baby.” Sehun moans in my neck. I move my hand up and down at a medium pace as I squeeze it. Sehun grunts and positions himself on top of me and pins my hands above my head. I look up and him and lose myself in his eyes. “Are you sure….You want to lose your virginity to me?” He says seriously. I look into his eyes and answer without hesitation. “You are the only man I want to have it. Sehun my love….Make love to me.” With that Sehun crushes his lips to mine and released my wrist. Immediately Wrap them around his neck pulling him closer to me. I don’t want any space between his body and mine. I blush when I feel the head of his press against my walls. Sehun only puts the tip in but I grip his back and pain and he pulls out. “Sorry sorry!!” He says lifting his head to look at me. “Did I hurt you?” He says worriedly. “N-no.” I lie. “Please keep going. I want this.” He nods and slowly puts his tip back in. I whince. “Look at me.” He says softly. I open my eyes to look up at his, “Just look at me.” HE softly whispers she slowly enters his entire penis inside me. I grip his back which causes him to close his eyes and moan. But he slowly opens his eyes again and looks down at me. “I won't start moving until you’re used to me ok?” He asks in whispers. I nod my head and try to hide the pain from showing on my face. I don’t know how to describe this feeling. It hurts so bad I want to cry. but at the same time it feels so good. He’s so big. I can’t wait any longer. He feels so “Ah. Now Sehun.” I moan. Our eyes never unlock as he slowly starts to move his waist back and forth. I bite my lip and moan. After going steady for a while he starts to thrusts. I curl my body upward and moan. “Fuck!” Sehun moans as he hides his face in my chest and continues to thrusts. I sensational heat fills my core and I grip his back even more. I scream out his name as my walls pulse and warm liquid flows out onto his penis. “FUUUUUUCK!!” Sehun yells as he thrusts harder and faster as a result. “Do you know what you just did?” He asks looking in my eyes again. I look up at him and slowly shake my head. “You just came baby. A lot I can feel it on my penis.” I moan again as the sweat from him rolls off his body and falls onto mine. I scream in pleasure as Sehun thrusts one more time. A hot fluid is hot inside me and flows down my legs. “I came baby. I filled you up.” He says breathlessly He leans down and kisses me passionately but hungrily. He doesn't pull out but stays inside of me. “I love you.” He says breathlessly. “I love you too.” I whisper tears falling down my face. “No no baby don’t cry. Did I do something wrong? Do you regret it? God I knew I shouldn’t of do anything.” Sehun says. I lift my head up and kiss his passionately and hold his face in my hand. “No. I’m crying because I am happy. We are now one. I feel closer to you now more than ever. Sehun. I couldn't think of a better way to have my first time. And I'm just glad it was with you.” I look into Sehun’s eyes and see them getting glossy. Just when his tears start to fall on my cheek his leans down and kisses me again. Except this kiss what different. It was filled with love and passion. God I love this man. More and more he kisses my lips filled with these feeling until he parts our lips to look at me. “One day. I will marry you.” He whispers to me. I look up at him breathless and speechless.
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A Hoshi Smut! Enjoy!

Public “Babe why are we going here? Weren’t we just in this store?” Hoshi says to me as I lead him into Victoria’s Secret. I hold his hand and smile up at him. “Yes but I don’t hear you complaining whenever I ave new lingerie on in bed.” I raise one eyebrow and smile as his face turns red. I giggle and walk inside. He follows me and I walk around the store picking up the things I like in my size. Hoshi bites his lip as he looks at the things I have picked up. Once I am done looking around I walk to the dressing room with his behind me. We have our own little room. As soon as you walk in there is an open room with a mirror wall on one side. In the corner is a curtain where the dressing section is. I walk over to the corner. “Have a seat this is going to take me a little for me to get into.” Hoshi looks over at me then nods and sits down on the couch against the wall. I smirk to myself and giggle walking into the dressing section closing the door behind me. For the first outfit I put on a lace black corset and black lace panties. I look at myself in the mirror and ruffle up my hair. “Perfect.” I think to myself as I turn and open the door. “Oh Hoshi.” I purr as I walk over to him. He looks up at me and his eyes widen slightly. I walk over to him and straddle his lap. His jaw tightens as I can instantly feel his hardness under me. I smiles and lean down. “Someone is excited.” I whisper against his lips. He lets out a soft sigh and tries to compose himself. “Yea well can you really blame me? You look so fucking sexy right now.” He says trying to keep his eyes connected with mine. I tilt my head to the side and look at him sideways. “What ever do you mean?” i say as i slowly start to grind against his lap. Hoshi tilts his head back against the wall and groans. “Baby stop. Keep acting like this and you’re going to get it.” He replies opening his eyes to look at me. I lean closer to him and bite his bottom lip tugging it gently. “And what if that’s what I want to happen?” I whisper seductively letting go of his bottom lip. Suddenly he sits up and grips my hips his lips pressing to mine. I close my eyes and moan softly against his lips. He forces me to grind on his lap harder making my eyebrows knit together as I feel his hardness perfectly. I move my hips faster earning a long grown from his lips. It’s so addictive the way his moans fill my ears. Hoshi moans against making my entire body shake with pleasure. I whimper as he smacks me on the ass and then rubs it before striking it again. My womanhood grows wetter by the second by his hands attention. I flutter my eyes open to see his smirking at me. I blush at the sight of him. His eyes are dark from lust and his mouth slightly open his breath coming deep and slow. Hoshi stands up and sets me down looking down at me biting his lip. I look back up at him and rub his hardness with my hand grouping it. He grinds into my hand in reaction making me smirk. “Take me out baby girl.” He says before pressing his lips to mine. He licks my bottom lip asking for permission to enter. I open my mouth and instantly he slides his tongue inside my mouth making me moan into his. He wraps his tongue around mine and we taste each other. I pull my mouth from his and slowly get on my knees in front of him. His eyes lock on my movement waiting for what I am going to do next. I look up at him and i rub his thighs slowly and gently. “Take of your shirt.” I demand and he instantly pulls his shirt over his head tossing it on the floor somewhere. I press my lips to his happy trail and gently pull on the hair there making him groan loudly. I fight against my urge to smirk and lick my way to the top of his pants and up to where his abs begin. “Oh god.” He says his eyes glued to me. This time I can’t help but let my lips form a smirk against his skin. I rub his thighs still gently caressing them as I press my face to his pants button. I breathe deeply sending a warm sensation up his length making his thrusts against my face. I smack his hip bone signaling him to stop. “Sorry sorry.” He grunts tilting his head back then slowly lifting it back up. I kiss across the top of his pants and stop back at his pants button. I kiss my way back to his zipper and use my teeth to unzip it. Then I slowly lift my hands from his thighs to unbutton his pants. I look up and lock my eyes with his as I slowly pull his pants down. I let him step out of his pants and kick them aside before I press my mouth to his clothed member. He moans at the touch of my lips and sigh deeply as I feel him twitch against my lips making my own sex drip with excitement. I hook my fingertips with the waistband of his boxers and slowly pull them down and sigh out in pleasure as his hard penis smack again my face. “Oh my god I’m so fucking hard right now!” Hoshi moans his penis moving with uncontrollable excitement. “Stand up.” He says his voice deep and full of control. I scramble to my feet knowing not to defy his when he’s like this. “Turn around.” He says in the same deep voice. I do as he says and let him strip me down slowly kissing each new section of bare skin until I am standing in front of him naked. “Now bend over.” He demands and in an instant I am bent over supporting myself with the my hands over the couch. Hoshi stands behind me and grips my hips forcing them forward so that my ass is poking out. “Like this.” He says and I know he wants me to stay in this position. He slowly slides his hands from my hips to my ass. I moan as he raises his hand and then brings it down on the skin of my backside then rubbing the red mark forming there. He does this repeatedly making my sex visibly drip. He gropes my ass with one hand as he moves his other in between my thighs making me suck in my breath. “You’re so wet already. I didn’t even do anything yet.” He smirks and rams into my walls without warning. I throw my head back and moan as my sex instantly wraps around his thickness and length. “Oh my god.’ He moans as he starts to thrust into me making me bite down on my lip. “Oh baby you feel so good.” He moans moving faster. I moan out his name as my sex begins to be over stimulated. I whimper as the pleasure from his takes over my body. “Oh Hoshi yes! Faster.” I moan letting my head drop down. Hoshi grips my hips harder and he picks up the pace thrusting harder into me making me pant. “Yes baby. You like that huh?” He groans watching himself disappear inside me then out again. “Oh go yes Hoshi yes. I’m close omg! I’m close.” I call out clawing at the couch my walls so sensitive it’s almost overwhelming. “Yes baby cum. Cum for me.” He pants thrusting faster and harder than before. I yell out his name as my wall puls around his squeezing as my orgasm completely takes over my. I moan loudly and pant hard as Hoshi thrusts even harder and faster. Then suddenly he pulls out and I automatically get on my knees in front of him with my mouth wide open. He thrusts into his own hand as he pumps himself hard and fast as he moans over and over. He holds my head back and our eyes lock as his hot cum shoots from his tip. I moan as it shoots into my mouth again my tongue. “OOOOHH FUCK!!!” He yells as his penis twithces violently as more cum shoots from the tip of him. When his orgasm subsides he rubs his tip against my bottom lip wiping off the remainder of his cum onto them. I close my mouth and swallow every last drop then slowly lick my lips not moving my gaze from his. “Oh my god baby girl.” He pants. I smirk and stand up and bite at his neck. “Take me home Hoshi.” I purr again his skin. He doesn’t waste time gathering our clothes. We both get dressed as quickly as possible and gather the lingerie I picked out and pay for them outside. “Wait till we get home baby girl. Wait till we get home.” He says a dangerous smirk playing on his lips.
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The Five Senses PT.1 A Hoseok Smut

I sit on the couch across from my boyfriend. I am so nervous. I swallow hard in hopes to push down the dry feeling in my throat. “Do you really want to do this?” Hoseok asks. I nod instantly and respond. “Yes I want to. I’ just never have done anything like this.” Hoseok smiles and tilts his head to the side and looks straight into my eyes. He scoots closer to me so that our knees are touching. Hoseok leans in and presses his lips to mine. This I am used to. The pressure of his soft lips on mine is all familiar to me. I close my eyes and instantly relax. But there’s definitely something about this kiss that is different. I can feel Hoseok’s hot breath against my lips. With each growing second his breath comes faster and is forced out harder. I bravely reach out and tangle my fingers in his hair. I feel Hoseok’s lips vibrating against mine as a sound is caught in his throat. He’s moaning. I think to myself my whole body raising a degree in temperature. Suddenly Hoseok tears his lips from mine and leans back against the couch his chest rising and falling rapidly. Oh what I would do to be able to hear his sweet sounds of pleasure. Just then I am submerged under a sea of sadness. Instantly becoming insecure and heart broken. Yes. Oh what I would do. Reading the sudden shift in my body language Hoseok quickly takes my chin in between his thumb and pointer finger forcing me to look at him. Using one hand to speak he signs, “What is the matter?” Oh Hoseok I think to myself. You are so good to me. I force the tears threatening to fall back behind my eyes blinking rapidly. I raise my hands so that he can see my response. “I can’t hear you Hoseok.....” “You don’t need to hear me. Focus on everything else but that. Here focus here.” Hoseok quickly answers and takes my right hand flattening it again this chest. His heart rate is racing. “You do this to me. And only you.” He signs to me. I cave under his gaze no longer able to hide my deep thirst for him. I clumsily crawl into his lap facing him my thighs on either side of his. I feel his body tense under mine and a hard pressure grows under me. Instinctively I look down to where it is coming from and blush immediately. “My penis is hard. I’m sorry. Wasn’t expecting you to do that.” He signs a quick apology. I take a deep breath and lift my head so that my gaze can interlock with his. It feels good though. I squirm and fidget on top of this hardness between my thighs. Instinctively I start to buck my hips the new feeling of his pressure rubbing against my woman parts. Hoseok’s face is relaxed but he throws his head back. His mouth is slightly open and his chest rises and falls in slow deep movement. He’s so beautiful. I bite my lip and buck my hips faster and deeper into his and soon Hoseok’s own hips are bucking against mine. I start to breathe fast as my clit craves this new and sencitve pressure from Hoseok’s manhood. The muscles in my tummy begin to tighten and I can feel the flowing wetness in my panties. I bite down on my lip harder when I feel his strong hands grab my hips as he bucks his hips in tune with mine. As I go down his hips buck upward pressing himself against me rolling his hips in between mine. Hoseok opens his eyes and I become hot as I see how dark and needy they are. He reaches one of his hands from my hip to grab my breast instead. My body instantly reacts sending a sensitive pleasure through my skin. What is happening to me? I think to myself as the tightness deep down becomes almost too pleasurable to endure. Just then I dig my nails into Hoseok’s chest as my folds pulse in a violent manner. I look down at him but he is already staring at my his breath coming much faster now. “You just came in my lap. I wanted you to cum around me.” He signs to me his breath jagid. My face burns at Hoseok’s playful message. Hoseok continues to grind against me and I moan as I feel his hardness grind on me again. I raise my hand and gently wrap it around his neck. I can feel his throat vibrating and his Adam’s Apple constantly moves up and down as he grunts with pleasure. My whole body shivers in an addicting electrifying heat. Wrapping his arms around my thighs Hoseok stands up and carries me to the bedroom. I hold his face in my hands kissing and biting his neck and jawline craving the taste of his skin. He tilts his head back and I watch as his mouth opens. Once we get to the bedroom Hoseok lays me down on the bed. I look up at him and he pauses and stares down at me. I wrap my arms around his neck and nod slowly signaling him to continue. He lays neck to me his hardness pressed to my thigh as he kisses me roughly and deeply. I sigh out into his mouth and lose my fingers in his hair. The corner of his lips lift up as he growls in pleasure. Bravely I lift my hand and slip it in his pants to rub his hardness. He lowers his head into my neck and moans. I can tilt my head back as I feel his breath hot and rapid on my skin. I take Hoseok out of his jeans and start to stroke him in my hand. In reaction he bites down on my neck and humps my hand. He wraps one of his legs around mine to hump into my hand deeper. Moving my hand away from his penis he lifts my dress up and tosses it on the floor. Trailing his fingertips on my skin he starts at my navel and slowly makes his way up. I lay my head back as he slips his fingers under my bra and rubs my breasts. I moan as my nipples harden under his palms. Unhooking my bra he slides it off and looks up at me. I swallow in a heated anticipation as his hungry eyes lock with mine. Leaning down Hoseok licks my hard nipple with pinching the other one. I arch my back as my wetness runs down my thighs and onto the bed. I take in a quick breath as I feel his strong fingers slip into my panties and slide into my folds. He bites my nipple and groans against my skin violently as he starts to hump my leg. He lifts his hand and says. “You are so wet. I just want to be inside you.” I moan as his hard penis grinds against my thigh. I lift my hand and reply to him. “Then make love to me Hoseok.” “Are you sure?” He asks me again. I lift my head and press my lips to his and smile against them. Hoseok slowly takes off the remainder of our clothes and hover over me looking down at me. Taking a condom from his jeans pocket he tears the foil and rolls the condom down on his hard penis. Reaching down he holds his penis and guides it slowly into my folds. I wince and grip the sheets. Hoseok pulls out and asks. “Did I hurt you?” “Yes.” I reply. “But keep going.” Hoseok leans down kissing me tenderly as he tries again. Guiding his penis into my vagina again I wrap my legs around his waist trying to open myself up. I wince hard and slowly Hoseok starts to move. Once I get used to his side Hoseok feels so good. The pain is gone and in its place is pure pleasure. Hearing me moan Hoseok takes it as a sign and moves faster and keeper. I dig my nails into his back and bite his shoulder as I moan against his skin. Hoseok lays his full body weight and grips the sheets next to my head and he starts to hump me. I bite him harder and I feel his moan vibrate in his throat against my neck. I feel the sweet clench in my lower abdomen as my folds violently pulse and tighten around him. I feel Hoseok yell something against my skin and my breath is heavy and hot. “Ah fuck baby. It feels so good when you cum around me.” He signs to me. I blush deeply and kiss him when he presses his lips to mine. “I’m going to cum.” He signs humping me faster and harder until he stills and a new heat rises inside me. With our bodies hot and sweaty Hoseok slowly pulls out of me. He leaves the room taking the condom off as he does and returns with a warm wet wash cloth. He stands on his knees in front of me and opens my legs slowly. He reaches down and starts to clean me. “You are bleeding. I am cleaning you up.” h e says to me. I blush and close my legs sitting up quickly. He leans over and kisses me deeply. “Lay back baby. I need to clean you up. It’s ok you will bleed the first time. It’s ok.” He signs. I lay back and open my legs for him. Once he cleans me up he tosses it in the dirty hamper and crawls into the bed neck to me. He pulls me ontop of him and holds me close to his body. He lowers his hand so I can see him say “I love you.” I lift my head and smile widely saying “I love you too.”

Rainy Day PT.1 A Jeongguk smut

“Oh no. I knew it was going to rain today but I didn’t expect it to be so soon.” I say standing next to my boyfriend in the movie theatre entrance. Jeongkook looks down at me then back at the rain. “It’s a complete downpour. You knew it was going to rain but you didn’t think to bring your umbrella?” He asked raising one of his eyebrows at me. I cross my arms and pout looking up at him with child eyes. “Hey don’t blame me. You didn’t think to bring one either now did you?” I spit back. The corner of his lips lift into a dangerous smile. “Come on let's go.” He says grabbing my hand and running in the direction of the bus station. No one is out on the streets and I don’t blame them. The weather is cold and it is supposed to rain for the rest of the night. We come up to the town's biggest park. Instead of going left to where the bus stop is Jeongkook leads me right into the park's entrance. “Wait Jeongkook what are you doing!? The bus stop is the other way!” I yell over the loud rain drops. “I know where the bus stop is. I don’t want to go home just yet.” He says back to me running to the cover of a large oak tree. I look down at my clothes. Not completely wet but still damp. After taking a quick survey of my clothes I look back up at Jeongkook to ask him what the fuck he was doing. When I look up at him he is already staring at me. Instantly I blush and look the other way. “Why are you staring at me like that?” I ask. He doesn’t answer me but instead he takes my hand and holds it gently. Our eyes meet and he looks deep into them. Slowly he leans down and presses his lips to mine. I close my eyes and move closer to him deepening the kiss. He takes his other hand and wraps it around my lower back then he pulls away. I slowly open my eyes and look back up at him. “You had to take me all the way to the park to kiss me?” I ask playfully. “No. But the bus isn’t going to come for another hour and the rain won’t stop till tomorrow.” He says leaning against the tree. “So we walk home.” I say as a conclusion. He nods and looks out at the rain. “You had to take me all the way to the park to tell me that?” I ask as I walk up to him and take his hand in mine. We don’t live that far and it shouldn’t be that hard to walk home. Jeongkook takes off his jacket and gives it to me to try and keep dry. We run home and reach it in six minutes. I start to run down the driveway but he grabs my hand. “Jeongkook stop!” I laugh as he hugs me from behind and nibbles at my neck. He laughs and starts to tickle me. I laugh hard and try to break free from him. He chuckles and tickles me even harder. I finally break free and try to run into the house. “Oh no you don’t.” He says pulling me back into his arms. We become soaked by the rain but I don’t mind. “Hahaha Jeongkook stop.” I laugh more as he tickles my sides. He finally stops and holds me in his arms. I look up at him both of us soaked from the rain. There’s that stare again the one that makes me go crazy. Just then Jeongkook leans down again and kisses me deeply. I close my eyes and kiss him back deeply. A groan comes from his throat and he holds my face in his hands. I reach up and tangle my fingers in his wet hair. A low growl is released from his throat as he picks me up supporting me by holding my upper thighs. I wrap my legs around his waist and pull on his hair causing his neck to lean back. Breathing heavily I lean down and kiss his throat where his Adam’s Apple is. The vibration from his moan tingles my lips. I lift my lips from his throat and open my mouth so I can bite his jawline. “Oh god baby. Don’t do that.” He groans. I ignore him and nibble at his neck more and more until he’s my little moaning mess. Instead of trying to stop me Jeongkook carries me the front door. I reach behind me and open it all while keeping his neck and my mouth connected. Jeongkook walks inside and kicks the door shut. He slams me against the wall breathing deeply into my neck. I let out a soft moan feeling his manhood fully hard and poking the space inbetween my legs. We both calm down our breathing and he slowly lowers my feet to the ground keeping his hands dangerously close to my ass. Then he slowly backs away and wipes his mouth slowly with his thumb. “Go get dried off.” He says nodding upstairs towards our bedroom. I stay there leaned against the wall and shake my head. “You go ahead. There’s something that I want to do first.” I reply to him. He nods and goes upstairs into our bedroom to dry off and change. I lean my head back resting it on the wall. Jeongkook and I have been dating for a while now. We’ve had intense make out sessions of course but tonight was different. The way he touches me makes me feel different than usual. My heart races just thinking about him. I open my eyes and walk upstairs to our bedroom. I walk over to the bathroom where the light is on. We haven’t had sex yet. I wasn’t ready to take that step. Jeongkook still has all of his clothes on when our eyes meet. But tonight. I am more than ready. “Babe you ok?” He asks walking out of the bathroom to stand in front of me. I look up at him then down at my hands. I watch them as I reach up and touch his chest. He looks down at me and watches the trial my fingers make. I slowly let my hand slide down and fall in between our bodies. When my hand cups his growing manhood his body tenses. “Babe what are-.” He starts to say but I cut him off by kissing him passionately. A low growl leaves his mouth and trails into mine as our tongue taste on another. I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me. Our bodies are so close I can feel the heat radiating from his body even though both of us are cold from the rain. Jeongkook hesitantly closes the little space that’s left in between us. When I press my body to is he deepens the kiss french kissing me roughly. I moan into his mouth and let his hands train from the top of my back to my lower back where my back dimples are. He was the first to break the kiss. He looks down at me both of us breathless. I shift my gaze from his eyes to his body. His black shirt clinging to his muscles. I bite my lip and reach forward. I slowly unbutton his shirt one by one. Once the last one is undone I trail my hands up from his pants zipper to his shoulders. He breathes deeply and looks down at me as I slide my hands into the top of his sleeves sliding his shirt down in the process. I lean forward and connect my lips to the new skin bared. Jeongkook’s manhood is pressed to my crotch and he waits for my response. I look up at him and move closer to that his hardness is pressed deeply against me. He tilts his head back and moans out my name. The sound intoxicates me making me crave him even more. Once his shirt hits the floor he leans his head back up and leans forward to press his lips to my neck. I moan and tilt my head to the side reach down to slide my fingers into his belt loops. My thumb and pointer finger trail along his hips causing him to buck them forward. The feeling of his hardness pressed to my soaking womanhood causes my body to become hot. A moan escapes my lips and he reaches down and takes hold of the hem of my shirt. I lift my hand up and he slowly raises the shirt tossing it onto the floor. He stares at my bra covered breasts and I feel his manhood twitch with excitement. I meet his gaze as he reaches down and unzips my jeans stuffing his hands inside helping my wiggle out of them. Once I am in nothing but my bra and panties he backs away and stares at me. I blush and my breath starts to quicken as I watch his eyes look at every curve of my body. He backs against the wall leaning his head back against it looking down at me. His hands are in his jeans pocket and his lip is caught in between his teeth. His body still wet from his soaked clothes and his hair dripping water onto his chest. I watch as the water runs down his chest then disappears into the cloth of his jeans. I slowly walk over to him and stand in front of him. I look down at his bulge and reach forward. I undo his zipper and button and slowly pull them down. Once the hem of his jeans go over his bulge his excited penis springs free still contained by his boxer briefs. I bite my lip at the sight of how tight his briefs are on him. He steps out of his jeans and kicks them off to the side. I look at his penis that is covered by his briefs. It twitches as I stare at it craving my attention. I look away with it and make eye contact with Jeongkook again as his chest rises and falls. He grabs my wrists and spins me around holding me against his body. His boner pressing to my ass making me moan as he grinds it against it. I tilt my head back and moan put his name my body feeling hot. Jeongkook leans his head down and sucks on my neck as he forces me against the wall. I stare at the wall waiting for his neck move. He reaches in front of me and grabs my wrists pinning them above my head. He leans down and presses his lips to my ear to say. “Leave your arms up here like this. If you don’t you’ll wish you had.” His dangerous playful words fill my ears and shoot excitement through my body.. I can feel the lust flow in my veins. I tilt my head back and moan as I feel his touch on my back. He takes his pointer finger and trails it down from the back of my neck all the way to my tail bone. I lower arms and he instantly pins then roughly back to the wall. I let out a moan of excitement and tilt my head back. “Keep them here.” He demands and bites my ear grunting into it. He presses the front of my body to the wall and he presses his body to my back. He reaches one hand around and grabs my neck gently. He tilts my head back and bites the side of my beck. I let out a moan and try to keep my arms above my head but he makes it so hard. “Give into me.” He moans. He reaches in front of me and claws at my stomach. I let out an excited sound of submissiveness and give myself to him. I feel his lips curl against my neck into a smirk. He reaches behind me and unhooks my bra. He slides it over my shoulders and takes my hands from the wall so that it falls to the ground. Then instantly he pins my hands back above my head. I moan as he traces his touch along my now bare back. He grunts in my ear and backs away from me. I let out a sigh of disappointment and blush when he forces me around and pins me to the wall. “Look at me.” He demands leaning his body against mine. He pins my hands above my head with one hand and reaches up grabbing my bare breast. I moan out my hungry sex overflowing with excitement making it run down my legs. Jeongkook smirks and reaches his hands down in between my thighs and wipes up my wetness. He looks into my eyes as he raises his fingers to his mouth and licks them clean. He picks me up and carries me to the bed pinning me to it. His waist lays in between my thighs and his hands have a firm grip on my wrists pinning them to the bed. I look up at him and he meets my gaze. I nod and he swallows hard and his body tenses. I break from the hold he has on my wrists and reach up to him. I run the tips of my fingers along his shoulder blades to his chest. “Make love to me Jeongkook.” I whisper softly to him. He reaches down and alines his manhood with my entrance and leans down to me. He lowers his face to my neck and bites it roughly making me gasp loudly. As soon as I suck in a breath he slides himself into me. We both moan out as we connect. “Ah Jeongkook.” I moan as he starts to thrust his hips. I reach behind him and pull on his still wet hair moaning into his neck as he speeds up his movement. My whole body is craving him. Every single part of me wants his touch. My eyes roll to the back of my head as I feel my orgasim rear close. “Oh my god!” He moans as my walls pulse around his manhood. He thrusts faster and harder into me as his seamen rises from the base of his penis. I arch my back upward and claw at his shoulders as I feel his hot liquid shoot inside me. Jeongkook falls onto me and our bodies become limp. Both of us are breathless and breathing fast. He lifts his head to look at me. I meet his eyes and her kisses me lovingly. “I want to make you feel good like that as much as I can.” He breathes against my lps. can already feel my body recharging with lust and want. The sensation of the thought of his touch sends my body into an intoxicated trance. “That won’t take much.” I say back blushing as a smirk forms on his lips.
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