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Redemption Ch.8
Who: Reader x Kwon Minsik What: Gang AU, Smut (later), Angst Story: Your best friend, Minsik has been serving time in prison for some time. He's been released after three years behind bars and you're ready to ease him back into society while he adjusts to the new life he's about to live.... Johnny's POV Johnny woke up thinking to head to the south district. That's where he'd seen them together. Their father's orders were clear: don't approach her just find out where she lives. He had to find her first. Their father didn't want her to know he was coming, a little surprise attack that would make it impossible for her to run. Johnny wondered how he'd keep eyes on her though, after a first encounter wouldn't she leave. The first chance she got she ran away and it had been six years before they found her again. To think this entire time she'd been in the south district, he should've known she couldn't go far but she would've chosen the last place they'd look. Minsik's gang roamed in this territory, it never occurred to them that she'd settle here. Of course they thought she'd go to Minsik but there was no sign of her around and he had claimed he didn't know where she was going, it was the first time she didn't tell him anything. Johnny figured it was plausible. She wasn't an idiot, she knew they were going to check the obvious sources so telling them where she was going whether she trusted them or not wasn't a smart idea. It annoyed him that he had to go around hunting for her. He could only go to the plaza again and hope to see her again. If she saw him before he saw her she'd definitely run. It made him wonder if she'd seen him a few months ago when he was making a deal with Ju Kyung. He was around this area too but he hadn't seen her. He figured she would've left if she did see him though. Minsik was still in jail at the time so she had nothing to keep her here. Still, it was by chance that he'd seen her yesterday. There was no way he'd be that lucky to find her again.