My Favorite anime songs

So another cool challenge from @littlemaryk merges! I have tons of anime songs i adore but these are amongst my top 3! NO RAIN NO RAINBOW - Homemade Kazoku. This song means the world to me honestly. Taken from the 2nd naruto movie Bonds this song alone got me through the death of my best friend around the same the time the movie debuted. The idea is in life there is always going to be pain but your perspective can dictate how far you fall into depression vs personal growth. Without the rain and hard times what is a rainbow and the good times. We need to go through hell to know how to appreciate the little things. This song made me strong SEN NO YORU KOETE BY AQUA TIMEZ THIS SONG IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE ANIME SONG BY MY ALL TIME FAVORITE J-Rock band AQUA TIMEZ! I started learning Japanese based off of this song. The real purpose behind the song is having the courage and ability to admit to yourself you are in love with a person so much so that you would let them go if necessary and have faith they will return or be happy when the find the true love of another knowing you too will find love along that path if not them. This song basically speaks of true love and how it should be. I have had a love like the one described by this song after dreaming about it for years after hearing this song. To be honest without this song she and i may not even be talking today. All is fear in love and war love with all your heart and regret none of it no matter what the outcome is; there is a life lesson to be learned. This song stems from Bleach either the series or the second movie i can't remember honestly lol but it is Bleach! Its been some years lmao! HIKARI NO ROCK - SAMBOMASTER
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TOP FIGHTS IN NARUTO: my choices haha ,{NN}

So naruto is by far one of the most beloved and to date best written pieces of manga/anime managing to capture all elements of a good battle managa plus the traditional value, moral, lesson based style of storytelling from traditional japanese folklore. Here are my top fights though!!!! No real order just some highlights from the years this series graced our lives TEAM 7 VS ZABUZA AND HAKU NOW THIS FIGHT WAS THE FIRST AND STILL ONE OF THE MOST EPIC TO THE VERY END! For starters this fight is the first time Naruto showed its capacity to be so much more than a battle manga and show. Here we hear the score for SORROW the first time (the iconic deep moment score for the series) and we see foes with depth that make you question who to really ralley behind. In this fight it becomes clear naruto is a battle of perspectives and choices not good vs evil. To the very end this battle was intense! The Nine Tails aka Kurama shed its cloak for the first time. Sasuke's bitch ass got saved for the first time in a series of gettinf lucky lol. Sakura's journey to catch up began. And Kakashi's life seemed to begin repeating before his eyes. Such a good match up and introduction into the real world and deeper themes of the series. SASUKE AND ITACHI VS KABUTO This fight was the final chapter of itachi and sasukes arc together, but also a conclusion to that long running orochimaru vs uchiha clan type vibe lol. Aside from seeing sasuke and itachi fight alongside each other a lot was finally revealed about Kabuto and why he turned out the way he did. His journey mixed in the climax of this fight was too perfect! Shikamaru, Naruto, Kiba, Chouji, and Neji vs Sakon, Tayuya, Kidoumaru, and Jirobou.....THIS FIGHT WAS LIKE AN ENTIRE ARC IN THE SERIES TO ME! So much to say but character depth, limitations, teamwork, importance, and so much more themes and life lessons were scattered in this series of fights. Here it became clear every character in the series was going to be important one way or another.
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My top 3 marvel character!

Marvel has a full arsenal of heroes! My top 3 though are: Spider-man Peter Parker literally embodies hope. He is the outcasts hero by far teaching the vital lesson that through our gifts we have a responsibility to embrace them at any costs in an effort to change the world and save those who have yet to acknowledge theres. Every time i take a stage to this day after 16 years i picture myself as spiderman and in the normal days away from the lights its a peter parker quiet life for me. What makes him so much vital as hero is that peters powers come secondary to the gifts of his humanity which make him the hero he is. Intelligence with the perks of spider like characteristics is how he thwarts any and all enemies. Humor is how he deals with times of discomfort or nervousness. Etc. etc. He literally made being a nerdy kid with glasses cool! Penance Formerly known as Speedball i find Robbie Baldwin's transformation into a man, and Penance to be one of the best fruits of the Civil War arc. Wearing a suit with 612 internal spikes to trigger pain and unlock his guilt transformed kinetic powers; Speedball went from Comedic little boy to Dark and twisted dark hero Penance being seen as the main cause of the events that are known as the Marvel Civil War. He is the inly character i have known in the mcomicu to literally have the weight of pain and guilt on his heart physical alter the parameters of his abilities so much so that his entire character justifiably changes showing a true display of the gravity some heroes face crashing down on them when trying solely to do the right thing. Penance is a broken man with a hero mentality fighting to stay in tact as depression, guilt, and persecution tale over his psychy. Definitely read his bio in the marvel database for more details. He is by far one of the darkest yet most compelling dark heroes to emerge out of marvel's conflicts.
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