Nakama Intro Week: Day 7

Ah, the finale. The day I was actually most looking forward too, more or less. "Who is your (my) life companion?" I assume this is supposed to be an anime character, but if not, I would still choose this anime character anyway. As I type this first part, I am unsure how this card will go, but here it is... below this text that is...down there. ↓↓↓↓↓↓ Stop reading this part. Go on, continue. Akane Tsunemori, from the anime "Psycho Pass." Ah yes, the best waifu of all time(That is in my opinion, of course. There are still other greats). To be honest, I'm pretty bad at understanding why I feel the way I feel, and same with others. I am a very logic based person, and I am bad with emotion. Of course, that's not exactly right. I understand what I feel and what others do or WILL feel, but I don't know WHY so much. I am good at making others feel how I want them too, and same with myself, but it is still weird to me. Why did I mention this? Basically, it's my excuse to say I don't entirely know why I like her. I literally re-watched the Psycho Pass movie to remind myself... I finished it like five minutes ago from now. I'll stop rambling. What I do know, for one, is that I find her quite attractive, as a character. She is very pretty, and has a nice smile. She also has a nice figure.

Nakama Intro Week: Day 6

Well as I don't truly hate people or characters (Other than one) the question, "Who is your rival," is hard for me. First, I will say that I have started a story where I am basically the MC, so id anyone is my nemesis, it is the person in that, but as I have like 5.5 chapters type and haven't introduced him, I will choose the one anime character I legitimately had hatred for. Makoto Ito. Yes, Makoto freaking Ito. The one character I truly truly wanted to watch suffer a painful death. Words probably can't do justice in describing why I hate him. To be honest, is my hate justified? Well...HECK FREAKING YEAH IT IS!!! This guy is truly, an a** and I'm sure everyone who knows him feels that way. What's funny is that it didn't start out that way. He wasn't so bad in the begging. You know, I kind of rooted for him. To get of the topic of rage, I will just recommend the anime. It can be bothersome to watch, but it really is a brilliant anime, considering it makes you like a character, then completely turns it around. If you do watch it, I think it is better to know one thing. It is a spoiler though, so read it or don't. That is the rest of this section. *SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER HERE! SPOILER! SPOILER! (he dies.) SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! Knowing that spoiler above made finishing the anime easier. Either way, I hate Makoto, and he is a nemesis to not only me, but everyone rational.