More Kpop!?!?!

So, I was just looking for some opinions on meeting other kpop and kdramas fans. I am from Ohio and I read all these post on vingle about how everyone either has friends who like kpop or they turn their friends into kpop fans. Now in my life I have only meet one other person who likes kpop and I was cashing her out at my job. All my friends think it is weird to like this music but I am way beyond the point of caring about their opinion. I just want to know how all of you have met your kpop and kdramas friends because I really want to go to a kpop concert and enjoy it with people who like it as well but none of friends or family want to go because they don't like it. I've been listening to kpop for about 4 years and I really want to be apart of the kpop community more and I don't know where to start.
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