Jimin oneshot~ //For Kyla~

Hey guys! This is a short, fluffy story for my best friend in the whole world. Hope you like it, Human!! //Dear Kyla, this was supposed to be written on your birthday, and here I am a month late. Sorry!// Also, I'll be tagging all my usual readers. You don't have to read or like this card, because it's really not that great. I wrote it while i was bored during a long car ride. My best friend, who I called Kitten, and I had moved to Korea just two short months ago with nothing. We had change in out pockets, and the clothes on our back. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit.. We had a little money saved up, and a small duffle bag of belongings each. It was Kittens dream to live here, and I willingly followed wherever she wandered off to. We made a comfortable life for ourselves rather quick. She was working at a cafe, and I worked at a department store, making enough money to afford the apartment of her dreams. We lived with three pets, two of which were kittens responsibility to look after and the other one was mine. Kitten had a cat that I referred to as Satan because it hated, and i mean HATED, anyone who wasn't her or her boyfriend, so Satan primarily stayed in kitten's room. She also had a snake. I'm not happy about it, but it was either that slithery bastard, or something much more evil, with eight legs, beady eyes and fangs. And I had my precious puppy. A tiny poodle named Little. Kitten and I had an easy, happy life far from where we were born and raised. ~ I was out walking Little one afternoon, when I tripped on the curb and fell flat on my face, into the street. As I fell, I let go of the leash and Little went running. As I sat up and struggled to brush the embarrassment off with the dirt on my jeans, i heard a man with a voice like honey asking if I was okay and telling me I should be more careful as he helped me to my feet. I thanked him awkwardly without looking up from my feet. I didn't want him to see the red in my cheeks from the sheer embarrassment I failed to clean from my brain. As my eyes met his arms, I saw my tiny dog resting her head against his strong bicep. I quickly grabbed her and met the strangers gaze to thank him more sincerely, but when I did, my heart skipped a beat as I fell in love at first sight.

Dear Diary. Part one ~a bts fan fiction~

Hi guys! I came up with this idea for a new series. It's a lot different from my first, so let me know what you think! Dear diary, this is my first entry. I've never written my thoughts down before, but with how exciting my life has been, I thought it would be nice to be able to look back and see how this amazing turn of events began. Here's my story. Quote of the day; "When everything seems to be going against you, remember that an airplane takes off against the wind, not with it." My life is quite interesting. Tomorrow marks my six year anniversary of moving to Korea. I've made lost of friends, and had so many amazing experiences. But there have been more days than I can count where I was more than ready to give up. I had plenty of hard times. I was painfully home sick, and I would call my family and cry about how I felt like I made the wrong decision. I would often go as far as looking up flights home. But despite what i was feeling, every time I would get too worked up, I convinced myself to go walk around. Seoul at night is my favorite thing to experience. I would see the city lights and constant hustle and bustle and be immediately reminded of how Korea was my home indefinitely. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I left the US right after high school. I needed a change from the complacent life I was living. I applied to a university in Seoul, and once I found out I was accepted, I booked a ticket and left everything behind. It wasn't like me to do things that spontaneous. But it felt like I was on the right path to finding who I was meant to be.

Unexpected Response. {a bts fan fiction} part 3

Hey guys! Its Breeze, and I'm back with part 3! I've been really busy and stressed this past week, so this entry isn't really my best work. I tried something different, so I hope you guys like it!! I hope you all are well! Make sure you eat well and get sleep! Don't stay up all night reading Fan Fiction! Love you guys! Part 1 Part 2 You hung up the phone and laid back in bed completely happy. Happier than you've been in a long time. You sat in silence for a moment, not thinking about anything in particular. Then, almost as if you had forgotten what had just happened, your mind flooded with thoughts. You could no longer hear yourself, only Namjoons voice on replay. Your brain ran back over every word Namjoon said. Replaying the sounds until you were confident you could write the whole conversation down, word for word. Your mind jumped around so quick it gave you a headache. You had to do something to let out some of the stress like feelings that were building inside you like steam, afraid you might explode. You grabbed your pillow and pressed it against your face. You then screamed as loud as you could, until your lungs were empty and your room was spinning. You laid back, chest heaving in an effort to recover the breath you just forced out. A few minutes later you finally calmed down and reclaimed your sanity. Now able to think straight, you giggled and smiled at all the unbelievable things that have happened to you in the short span of two days. A week ago, you would have voluntarily locked yourself up for thinking any of this would happen. You still couldn't understand what made you so special. You were sure you weren't the only fan to write a nice letter to bts. So what about you made Namjoon feel like he needed to know more. You found yourself torn. You still felt like Namjoon was lying to you when he told you how much he enjoyed talking to you. But you also trust him so much already, that you can feel the sincerity in his statements. The strongest feeling coursing through your body though, was a mix between a new found confidence and pride. Whether you saw it or not, you were doing something right. So right, that the one man you've admired from a far for so long wants to be a part of your life. Finally starting to relax, you felt satisfied with yourself. The adrenaline of the moment started to wear off, causing you to slowly drift off to sleep.