anime fans i need ur help or anyone who wants a good death battle

this is something that the death battle people have added on the site and i need ur help for this life long answer to some question we need answered who would beat who. so please help me go to this link 4HSXE_REtwXen0AAwNHYOKPEWW7uQ/viewform?c=0&w=1 or there link in the description below and put in 1 of the 3 please please guys i beg u in the form for death battle please please please put death the kid vs black star Alucard (hellsing) vs rai (Noblesse or Yu mi ra (god of highschool)vs ichigo please and u can put in ur own suggestion after just please as anime fans lets Unite to see whos stronger

top 5 strongest anime/manga/mangwa idk characters by scientific fact update SOME SPOLIERS

so im makin this not to start shit but for fun cause i mean just when u see this thing youll understand one per franchise btw cause then every character on here would be the same number 5 Torkio: Alright so i havent kept up on the manga cause i dont like it anymore but i know that this man is strong as hell cause he was like fighting a monkey who moved at the speed of sound? and was like 10x earths gravity thats gokus training so u gotta be strong to do that. Number 4 Mob: Mob is like just such a bad ass dude he's like the professor X of the anime universe and the one punch man of the anime universe easily being able to beat any other psychic take a beating and easily destroying everything around him in the process if u havent watched the anime please go do so. number 3 Satima: One punch man you know why he's here. i mean look at that name. he got kicked to the moon and was like...cool just if ur an anime fan u know whys hes here and hate when people bring him into arguments when they discuss the strongest anime character but could easily beat everyone excpet r top two and any main character in dbz number 2 HAN DA WII: This son of a bitch...this god among men is my third favorite anime manga idc character of all time next to vegeta and deatht the kid he will get no words just watch this bad ass. He beat the shit out of zeus hades hera athena and poosideon. :3 just i love him go read god of high school youll love it number 1 xeno sama: he blinks ur universe is destroyed its op its like not even a challenge u cant do anything lol.
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Top 5 Manga or webcomic that need an anime or a Reboot .

number 5 Bleach: In all honesty i don't like bleach but my friend likes it and says it should have kept going she forced me but yeah bleach. number 4 Noblesse: Alright i havent read to far but i already love this web comic the closest thing it's had is like an ova andddddd it could keep going i know it's Korean but still if u read this and say it shouldn't be an anime u lost ur mind. number 3 Soul eater: There r gonna be people who be like "the anime was amazing what r u talking about" boi if u don't sit ya ass down with ur bs omg maka is a half weapon stfu. But like i was saying if they would follow the manga they would have just one of the greatest anime ever with it's amazing fights great story and a whole lot of other crazy shit. number 2 hitman reborn: okay i loved this anime i loved it so much it's how i found the manga and realized the anime could have been a thousand times better if it had this style like bloodshed it was more edgy the fights were better but it was also more heartwarming with the ending in the manga meeting the other mafia family and having a pretty good ending then the anime where ot just left off with so many unanswered questions. Number 1 God of highschool: Omg the one of the best webcomics I've ever seen beautiful story a great cast of characters there was a special thing for this for the 200th chapter go look it up im lazy. It's just amazing if someone like madhouse did this anime it had amazing fights i mean they are fighting fucking gods it has a chapter every week it would just be the best if u havent read it drop everything and read it.

Top 5 strongest anime/ manga characters based on facts

Im doing this not to start debates but people ask me all the time whos the strongest anime character of all time based on fighting ability and power But based on research i have finally figured it all out this our the strongest characters of all time Number 5 " Zeref he can kill you instantly one blast :/ well other then that he is the strongest character in fairy tail and one of the strongest anime characters of all time he doesn't just need his magic either he is very good at hand to hand combat easily beating natsu. Number 4: Tsuna when you think of tsuna you probably think what the hell is he doing here but he isn't as weak as you think he is being able to move at the speed of light and able to control gravity even without those thing's he's strong enough to fly out of a black hole and Able to destroy islands with a double X burner . Number 3 Jin mo ri: The monkey king himself he is able to move at the speed of sound an expert hand to hand combat and able to kill thousands of gods with a single swoop of his staff he can control lighting and can make millions of clones of himself that all have the same power as him. Number 2 Satima: One punch man. ONE PUNCH MANNNN able to move faster then sound able to easily defeat any opponent (except the number one character ) he's so strong a giant fish creature was flooding the earth he used a serious punch he then blew up the fish's body then even split the ocean in half look it up it's amazing ^_^ Number 1 Whis: Was there any doubt the man that trained beerus can take goku and vegeta at the same time and can even get distracted while fighting them and they still couldn't land a hit well until goku and vegeta by the power of main character bull shit Whis is the strongest anime character ever i hope you enjoyed.


A lot of people don't realize the main characters wouldn't be where they are with out there buddies and companions well today I'm gonna be listing my favorite side characters on anime lets get started Number 5 Rogue/Future Rogue : Alright i put both of them here because rogue by himself is a great character loyal protective serious funny but future rogue is a bad ass he beat Natsu eaily TWICE even though he is evil we can all say he's pretty cool. Number 4 Death the kidd: The strongest of the soul eater trio ( Or not if you think black star is stronger) He is the new lord death of the city and clearly the most funniest guy out there strong dependable but he's Ocd does hold him back on some occasions you realize that overall he's a great character that even Black star can call his rival. Number 3 Kurapika: The last living member of the scarlet clan he hopes to one day kill the phantom troupe to avenge his fallen clan he befriends Gon and even becomes the Rival of Killua before God speed became a thing. Number 2 Ryohei: This is a man made of men he's badass enough that when everyone else uses swords,guns, and dynamite he still resort's to his fist people may think he's one of the weakest vongola member's but lets be honest if he's sunshine counter hits you it's over. Number 1 Black leg Sanji: The super sayin of the straw hat crew one of the strongest characters in one piece this man could easily beat any thing if a woman is harmed he only uses kicks but don't think of it as a handicap as Zoro a man with three sword considers him his rival yes he doesn't have a devil fruit but man you can't just not love this character.

top 5 most underestimated anime characters spoilers maybe

Number 5 HAN DAE-WI from one of the most lesser known mangas he is part of God of high school people often think he is weak do to his recent injury of losing an eye and is destined to soon die but even then he was the original one to go against Jin mo ri who is a god and give him a real fight. 4th Rogue and Sting these to share the spot as they r both just bad in the series they had so much potential but are both beaten badly by natsu and gajeel and even now do not compare to the other dragon slayers they will probably be left behind as weak characters in the fairy tail universe but they sure r a fan favorite. Number 3 genoes yes he isn't really weak probably being one of the strongest anime characters ever but in his universe he just gets destroyed in every fight he's been in either his teacher Saitima helps him out or he gets destroyed. Number 2 kurapika OMG i love this character let me say this now but people don't find him as good as he should be being left out of all the other action after the yorknew arc and only defeating one major character in the series he will probably always be out shined by Killua and Gon. Number 1 Sanji ALL RIGHT I'M A GET A LITTLE BIT ANGRY ABOUT THIS ONE BECAUSE AGAIN I LOVE THIS CHARACTER. Sanji this badass right here is always considered weak yes he is one of the strongest members in the straw hat crew but what else has he really done yeah before the time skip he was pretty good being able to fight the so called third strongest of each group but let's be honest most of the fights he does r jokes Mr.2 kurobi the invisible guy, sorry forgot his name but most of his fights r either one sided or just stupid again i love this character but even now after the time skip sanji has done nothing like usopp has done way more then sanji in the past arcs then him i hope he gets some time to shine in the new arc though.