ice fishing. Need some insiders on perch fishing

Hello all my Vingle friends and those I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet . I have been trying something new this season and just haven't been able to hook up on consistent catches for perch . In fact last outing I only got two(2) in 4 hours . The lake I fish is big and I have talked with others that r running into the same problem . some may catch one or two at a time and others will catch nothing fishing side by side using same set up. Others may catch them in 12 feet where I've only been able to catch them in 60 feet on a fluke of drilling dozen of holes and continuing to move around to see if that would help . ( No luck) . My question is : how do I locate and keep a consistent catch coming in ? they range from 7 to 16 inches . yet can't seem to catch them consistently or find them in the same area more than once . I've tried a lot of different set up and tried head and tails of minnows and my best luck was with wax worms .

Ice Fishing

I finally got out to try the ice so I can go fishing . 11/27/2014 . Ice was thin in the 1 1/2 to 2 inches . Cracking under every step but had to give it a try . in some of the pics u can see open water and when I first arrived there we're couple hundred geese on the open water . I made it out to the creek channel which was about 30 feet off shore with the water depth holding around 4 feet . Creek channel was 6 to 7 feet of water . Also I tried to get has close to the open water as I could knowing the fish would b coming out of the deep to the shallow and back to the deep holding tight to the creek . seem fish r like deer they stay on the edges of drop offs and don't show up well on my Humming bird flasher till they right on top of me . only got to stay for couple hours as today is turkey day and I needed to spend time with family. Hope everyone that reads this enjoyed their families and ate enough food to keep them warm while the start fishing . On the real side of this story . NEVER go on thin ice . this was a big risk on my part .
BrianMcNeeleyIts a crappie . Just a nice size one that will fill the skillet when the time comes . I don't fish for the Large mouth bass "LMB" . although I catch a few as they live in the same waters . @@KawikaAfelin . I fish main for crappie and bluegill . through the ice and fish for walleye's in the open stretches of the rivers in the winter time . @yakwithalan Will be more careful as I have falling in a few times and know the dangers . Maybe with the ice season at hand we should remind everyone to be very careful . Somewhere I remember seeing a set of guide lines or basic rules for being on the ice . I'll have to look and see if I can come across them again and put it out here has I know we have a few younger sportsmen who will be willing to do the same as I did . @mcgraffy if u know the guide lines or if @dougjohnson knows maybe you guys could help ? . Thanks for the help in Advance . Two safe tips 1. make sure ice is at least 2" inches think for one person weighing around 200 lbs. 2 Never go out by yourself no matter how thick the ice is . I've falling through a foot of ice in deep water and got hypothermia in a matter of mins . 3 let love ones and others know where u r going and when u plan on being home . Don't just tell them the lake . Some lakes r bigger and you will need to give up your secret spot in order to b safe . Like I said these r just a few . There's a lot more to be added . ice thickness for atv's is different from a person and the same with taking a small pickup or bigger vehicle on ice . So please remember this is just a rule of thumb to get u started . I'm not and expert on ice thickness safety so please don't rely on my advise . No ice is safe .