B.A.P IS BACK+ discussion

I'M SO HAPPY THAT THEY ARE BACK. THE SONG IS GREAT. THEY LOOK AMAZING AND JONG UP'S VOICE KILLED ME. I will defiantly be jamming to this song for months. Although I wish Himchan got more lines though that is my only complaint on their line distribution. This month is not doing well for me. I'm dying from one comeback to another XD Some of the comments have been kinda annoying me especially with the Jimin hair thing. Now, I know that not all ARMYs are saying it and bashing Younjae. I'm an ARMY as well and I understand. There's some people still saying it and also some BABYS are starting to overreact and get really defensive and hating on BTS but it's not their entire fandom faults. It's just that 5% that we sadly come across. I just hope there's no fan wars between BABYS and ARMYS. It kinda saddens me how when I read the comments it's just filled with people discussing the Jimin hair issue instead of discussing their amazing come back. Another annoying one was how some fans miss B.A.P's old style and concept and they're not a big fan of their recent comebacks. I can't really say much about that though because fans have different taste and like different songs and I respect that :) but just a reminder that they want to explore many different genres and they have been coming back with different concepts. After 2 years of being in a lawsuit, I'm just happy they're making music. They have worked hard and care for their fans greatly. Most importantly, they stuck together. Let's celebrate that. They're strong and they have our amazing Fandom. They will continue to grow and make beautiful music for us. I'm really proud of them. Remember what they want. They want to make art not war. So let's cheer them on and ignore any negativity. ^__^ B.A.P AND BABYS FIGHTING!!