Chapter One: The Reason The world is starting to fall apart. To be honest, its falling into chaos. The reason or the ones responsible for that are the humans. Humans never really cared about this planet. They didn't care for it as we were promised when we first let them stay here. They have forgotten about us, they became afraid of our existence. They created horrible tales portraying us as monsters, as things that cared for nothing but their hunger. So when the world started to crumble, we watched and waited. Call us selfish but we were taking back what was ours. Right before the Earth died, we used our abilities to save it, make it healthy again. The humans were confused as to what happened. Fear crossed their faces as we came out of the shadows. We tried to get them to understand reason. That we could live peacefully together but they tried to kill us instead even though we were the ones who saved the Earth. We are not very patient creatures, so after some time and they still did not want to listen to reason we decided to make them our food sources and slaves. The owner was allowed to decide for what purpose they would be used. There are things that are making it hard to keep them as food and slaves though. It appears that the Earth and Moon have decided to make us regret out decision, they have made it so that we vampires have human, and only human mates. This is horrible for a lot of us because our mate could already be dead and we could not even know it. But also because we can be walking down the street and suddenly smell an extreamly sweet yet calming scent, your mate was near. So you try to find where it comes from, if lucky you'll find them alive but not everyone is. Most of the time they will already be dead. The hardest part is when you find your mate alive and you nurse them to health, when they regain consciousness they want nothing to do with you. They are too afraid to let you near them, let alone touch them. We as vampires crave the physical contact with our mates, making this very hard for us. We tend to keep them locked up for we are afraid that if given the chance they will run away then someone else will find them, touch them, or even try to bite them to drink their blood. You see, we vampires are very protective and possessive beings by nature. I believe that's enough backround to how things ended up as they are now. It's time you hear why i am yelling you this. I myself am a vampire but not just any vampire, I am a royal. I am one of the most powerful vampires that has walked the Earth. Of course that means that I am more connected to the Earth and Moon than most vampires. This means that when I find my mate, I will be more protective and possessive than other vampires.