Fiberglass Stake Manufacturers

The production of factories is positioned in Nanjing and Yizheng. We were ongoing with a few staff members who were graduated from National Fiberglass R & D Institute. Since then, we have industrialized ourselves into a much bigger and diversified company making composite profiles and fiberglass equipment. With an experience of more than a decade, we have evolved in producing fiberglass stakes and providing technical support regarding pultruded fiberglass products. We are steadily delivering stakes for various applications including fiberglass-reinforced polymer or fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), pultruded thermal composites and few other composite profiles. We propose quality fiberglass stakes. Our stakes have a longer useful life. They also are flexible, profoundly strengthened, very strongly stiffed, UV coated, corrosion-resistant and provide unaffected against ice, snow and wind. Like other fiberglass stake manufacturers, our this specific product is useful for supporting young trees, orchid plants, vineyard grapes, tomato plants and another vine plant in the greenhouses and gardens. Our fiberglass stakes do not rot and do not rust. Their flexibility allows programmed during the airy ambiance. Our stakes are sturdy enough for keeping plants withstand the wind. Our stakes are used for garden accessories, and multi-purpose yarn. They are durable and non-rusting; therefore, they last for a protracted period. Fiberglass’ tapered end permits you for easy insertion.
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