What Makes CodeIgniter a Perfect Choice for Your Web Development Project?

Websites or web apps have become crucial for businesses today. So, they try to find the best way to develop their own solutions with excellent features and benefits. PHP has emerged as a dominant server-side scripting language that enables developers to create top-notch dynamic web solutions for their clients. PHP frameworks make this work even easier as they expedite and simplify web development. There are lots of PHP frameworks, check the comparison of three, CodeIgniter vs CakePHP vs Laravel, best PHP frameworks. CodeIgniter is a popular PHP framework that is being used in web development for creating dynamic solutions. Let’s see what makes CodeIgniter web development a perfect choice for your project. Open-Source and Free Developing a website involves hefty investments, so businesses look for affordable or cost-effective solutions. If they get a technology that costs nothing then it will be the icing on the cake for them. CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP framework that is available for absolutely free! So, using CodeIgniter is cost-effective from the technology perspective that reduces your burden on the budget. Also, as an open-source technology, you can utilize it to build highly customized solutions. Secure Framework Every business wants to ensure the best suite of cybersecurity for its website or web app to protect it from hacking or other threats. CodeIgniter comes with various security-rich features that enable developers to create highly secure web solutions for their clients. By choosing PHP CodeIgniter development, you can adopt the best security approach to build a very secure website or web app for your business. Less Code, Great Results
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What are the benefits of a Multi-vendor Magento eCommerce website?

Online shopping has become so popular these days that many people don’t visit any brick-and-mortar store for even their petty needs like groceries. Hence people know the comfort and convenience that they derive from shopping online instead of buying from a local store. Ecommerce websites are the places where people can buy the desired products by sitting in any corner of the world. Multi-vendor eCommerce websites have set a new level for online shopping as customers can find different products from multiple sellers on a single online store. If you want to create a multi-vendor eCommerce website then Magento is the perfect tool to accomplish this. Being a popular eCommerce platform, Magento lets you create best-in-class eCommerce websites. You can take advantage of Magento web development experts services to build superior multi-vendor eCommerce websites. Here are some benefits of a multi-vendor Magento eCommerce website. Save your money With a multi-vendor Magento store, different vendors can manage their own online stores and sell their products easily. So there is no requirement for extra staff and they can save the cost of running a brick-and-mortar store. Your website administration team can engage in answering marketing queries and creating strategies. You can also reduce the cost of website maintenance by partnering with a developer. Creating a multi-vendor Magento store can help you save costs and make a hefty profit. You need to hire offshore Magento developer with enough skills and expertise to create the right online store. Support all types of products

Python vs PHP in 2021 - Which is Best for Web Development

With the popularity and advancements in web technology, it's important for every business to have a website that is appealing and easy to use. You can't refrain from accepting the fact that a good website is like a boon to your business. Ever wondered what raw material/ingredient is required to get a phenomenal website? One of the most integral aspects of web development is programming that is achieved with the help of programming languages. Web development languages are the platforms through which instructions are communicated to a machine and actions are pursued. Choosing a programming language for the backend of your website development is a daunting task. There are many languages available in the market, but the most prevailing ones are Python and PHP web development. In this article, we will be discussing the virtues and shortcomings of both languages considering various aspects. Which one is suitable for your project can only be concluded on the basis of the requirements of the project. To come to a verdict, hire PHP experts and share all the details, preferences, needs of your project with the team and with the Python development team. Further deeply analyze all the points and decide prudently. I'm sure you will have a great journey ahead. Python vs PHP Battle: Who’s the Winner? Complexity Both languages are dynamically typed and object-oriented. They are compatible with numerous operating systems, therefore, in this way they are similar. Still, both languages are different in terms of ease of use.

Reasons to convert PSD to HTML5 for your business

Many benefits are added to your site along with PSD to HTML5 conversion. The article highlights the reasons to convert PSD to HTML5 for your business. Convert PSD to HTML5 - Today traditional businesses are recognizing the importance of online presence and therefore they are shifting towards the technology that can well satisfy their business needs. HTML5 is the latest version of markup languages that has the competency to develop powerful, interactive and user-friendly web presence. However a website is said to be effective if it is able to grab the attention of its potential customers towards its respective products and services. The website patrons are looking for unique design ideas that are helpful in creating the website appealing and engaging in appearance. Therefore a soaring demand can be seen in the market to convert PSD to HTML. The conversion is considered as the one of the most effective ways of developing remarkable websites. With successful conversions, the HTML5 powered websites are compatible to several browsers. Several complex steps are involved in converting PSD design file into rich markup language. PSD is an Adobe Photoshop extension file which is helpful in creating and saving the design file. Undoubtedly the Photoshop is reliable software for creating unique and appealing designs themes. But unfortunately these design themes are not supported by web browsers. With the means of PSD to HTML5 conversion you site is ready to thrive in the internet arena. When you convert PSD to HTML5, your website is enriched with W3C validations that mean the site satisfied the benchmarks and guidelines of World Wide Web Consortium. Many features and benefits are gained with PSD to HTML5 conversion, below listed are some of the best: Semantic coding benefits: The semantic coding helps the developers to generate search engine friendly codes helpful in ranking the website better. The tags and codes offer great convenience to the developers to define the website elements individually. It lets the programmers to develop SEO friendly sites that are highly efficient in website ranking presented by search engine results.