There have been many cards on Vingle, many post on other social media outlets, and internal feuding among the fandoms. Why? There are a small minority of people who lack any type of human compassion, common sense, and morals that have been doing unseemly, unbelievable, unimaginable, and stalker type behaviors to these idols. They profess it's all in the name of love, or in their delusional state of mind that they own the idols because they have built up some sort of fantasy they are in a relationship with the idols. Just because you attend a fan sign, get your photograph with an idol if your lucky, or attend a high touch to see the person you profess to love doesn't not make that person belong to you. Realize that as an idol it's part of their image to tell their fans they love them back. They genuinely do since we are the reason that they are making tons of money in supporting them. However, their gratitude and that's what it is so recognize it for what it is please, does not equate into you having a relationship with them. Get over yourselves they don't know you from Adam or Eve. Even if they happen to start to remember your face and name cause your ass is attending everything they have doesn't give you the right to be mean to them when you put forth your opinion. If you can't say something nice on their videos, pictures, or even post, scroll your unhappy ass right on until you can find something that will tickle your fancy. But don't spread your salty ass comments that are intended to inflict emotional hurt on these idols that you know already suffer from some sort of complex and you want to poke at that Achilles heel to make yourself feel better. You just show yourself as a bully at that point. Respect that these idols have given up their privacy to a certain extent in order for us to appreciate the music that they wish to express with the world. There hard work shouldn't be rewarded with disrespectful behaviors, stalking, blatantly ignoring an idol when they ask you to give them some privacy while on vacation. Hacking into accounts, stealing the idols phone number and posting it on every social media outlet you have access too. Endangering them just to be close to them, breaking and entering into their suites, homes, and other places they stay. Getting a plane ticket because you were able to find out what flight they would be on. Seriously if you guys have that kind of time in your lives to be investigators that are better than the CIA and FBI, why don't you invest your time in your damn studies and go to work for agencies like these, solve all these crimes that don't ever get solved. Goodness knows you people put the government agencies to shame in the global communities with your ability to do the things you are doing. Some of these behaviors are out right criminal and I can't wait for the day when these idols start filing police reports against the offenders and they start going to jail for some time so that others are deterred from this type of offensive behavior. I understand that the idols don't want their fans to feel less close to them but they are going to have to start protecting themselves first and not give a crap about the fans and their feelings given that things are totally out of control in every fandom. I don't say that all the fandoms are the problem because this isn't the truth I direct my rant to those that are knowingly doing bullshit to these idols they're the ones causing the problems and making the rest of us look like shit. It is frustrating for all of us in the fandoms who actually respectfully love our idols when you behave like wild animals instead of human beings with brains that actually function. I wish that everyone would treat the idols and other people in the fandoms the way they want to be treated. If they would do this all the problems would quickly be extinguished however it isn't a perfect world so the most I can ask for is just be respectful of everyone including the idols who have given so much of themselves to us already. We don't belong to the idols and they for damn sure don't belong to us. If you can totally support an idol then keep your happy ass moving right along. Don't ruin things for the rest of us. This is the end of my rant. I didn't add photos due to this shit has been happening to so many idols and celebrities I can't list them all on this card.