When Love Walked In Episode 1-2 Recap - not finished...
1. Thanks To my youtube supplier ( yes I'm an addict ) I don't want to get her in trouble! but you can go to my youtube channel to surf my subscriptions! 2. There's like 2 episodes each day! so I'm going to squish down the Recaps to "as I watch them segments" which means I will probably be skipping past the corporate meetings ( no worries Fairytale followers - I'll sit through those meetings for you ) And we're off! We open in the courtyard of a hospital, with a wheel chair bound man sketching a little girl. --flash to a card that's been turned over " get the boy out of the car first!' says the father's voice. "go get the marble, Yu jia (rain)" says a mothers voice, while a boy climbs out of the car ( we can see gas trickling from the car...) then --the man in the wheel chair looses the hold on the charcol and the nurses rush in -- The boy catches the marble, and the car explodes and the fire is caught in the marble. The marble continues to carry us into the next scene, the little girl and boy meet at the orphanage and he lets her make a wish on his magic marble. All she wants is her mom and dad ( now both dead) to come take her home; Rain replies don't worry, I will always protect you and proposes with a plastic flower ring. voice over:" that long ago summer in a far away place , I met a boy. We both had lost everything, but he took me on a journey to find heaven. even though the road was lost, we were not afraid...". Suddenly the two children are forcefully seperated... and the voice continues...." I will never forget the boy, that place.... ( those memories are a source of strength for her now)

Fairytale Episode 2 recap
Wow, the theme song is catchy - it's my ring tone now :) So Ep 2 starts off with a continuation of Grampa and TX discussion the existance of her twin sister. In an extended version of the flash back we see that TX and XY met when the younger. Their aunt ( who had taken XY away) was frantically looking for XY because she was afraid they might meet each other. Apparently, Grampa and YF have been actively looking for XY for 3 years now. The reason is because GM Jin is trying to push their company to "go public" ( this mean s stock and more shareholders which means its easier for people -GM Jin- to get a majority; Thing Bat Man Beginings) Now back to XY and her Grandma. Seems like XY is finished scarfing down her lunch ( we don't see it, but we can assume she's the complete opposite of a lady). and now she's trying to make sense of this plan, which really seems to be confusing for her( this is how innocent/simple minded XY is ). She's not sure how her mother could be her aunt. They've never actually heard of someone's who's allergic to sunlight - only people with night blindness.(...it's a pun that's better in chinese). YF abruptly announces that " it's time to go Ting Yu ( her birth name) and XY strings up in opposition " I'm not TingYu, im XiaoYu!). After thinking on things, TX realizes the reoccuring dreams she's been having were a memory. She seems completely calm about the matter , even when grampa announces they will be arrive at the house shortly. alone in the office, GM Jin is brooding/plotting over a picture of the TX and XY's Parent- each holding a baby, he then orders his secretary to research TX's birth.