Crushing 😍😘

Picture above: Diary, this is my older brother Max. He is 28 years old and works as a lawyer. He is a pretty dam good one. July 6, 2009 Dear Diary, Hello, its me again. I finally moved all of my things from my parents' house into my brother's house...well more like apartment on Gordon Street. I moved in with my brother because I couldn't take my parents drama no more. I felt unloved and unwanted in my family. So I need a new change of scenery, so I can breathe on my own. My brother is away at work at the moment and I have the entire house to myself. I am enjoying every minute of these. Diary, my brother's a slob! I don't know how he lives in this filth. Well, best make the most of time here alone by cleaning up this mess. See you later alligator. Picture Above: Diary this is what the apartment looks like... 1: my bed 2: my work desk for school and my writing 3: my stylish bookshelf. I made it from scratch. 4: the kitchen 5: Mark's disgusting taste of bathroom ware 6: mail box. I also, made it from scratch. 7: the balcony 8: Max's bedroom, the master bedroom. 5:00 pm. Central Time

Halloween 2015

This Halloween, my family and I became Zombies. Our zombie back stories are as follows: Sarah: She was working in the yard, when she started to get ill really fast. Her head was spinning and she was burning up with a 102.5 fever. She got rushed to the hospital by my brother because he was concerned for my well being. It was there the human form of Sarah died and the Zombie took over. Zombie Sarah hungered for brains and human flesh. Her brother, James, was there in the room with his sister calling back home to notify their mother of the news. That's when Sarah's heart monitor flat-lined. She was gone; her brother begin to call out for the nurse, but it was to late the virus has spread through her body changing her from the inside out. She then awaken...her brother came near her and that's when she took a bite out of him. The nurse sprung into action ready to kill his dear sister, however her brother stop him and blocked the entry way to the hospital room door. As he waited to turn he called his wife and said goodbye to his wife and told her to keep their son save. James: He rushed his sister to the hospital because of her temperature. He never left his sister side. He can recall her saying on the car ride there that 'she can see a bright light and there late brother Jr.' He was getting scared that he might be losing his baby sister. So he started calling up everybody that he knew and asked for prayers for his sister to be well. The emergency room took her back right away with no questions asked. He followed them as far back as they would allow him to go. When he could go no farther, he was instructed to sit in a small waiting room. He waited for seem like forever and a day. While he sat there he cried and prayed, and informed the family back home in Mississippi of what's going on at the moment. They sent prayers her way. Finally the doctor told him that his sister is doing better now or so it seemed. The doctor allowed him to go see her. Little did he know that it would be the end of his life and hers as well. She was asleep when he saw her, started to call up the family back home to say that everything is okay that there is nothing to worry about. "She will be fine," he instructed his family. As he was talking to his Granny that's when she began to flat-line. Nurses started coming in to assist the problem, she was pronounced dead within moments of exhausting every option and resource they had to offer her. "I am sorry, sir but she's..." Sarah's heart monitor kicked back on and their heads turned to face her. She was awaken..but there was something quite different about her. Her eyes were no longer green, they turned a foggy white as if her vision is now blurry. Her once beautiful face now turned into flesh that can easily be torn, and her skull was easily breakable with two sharp blows. She was no longer alive....and she hungered for flesh and brains. Brains was her crack. James went her and cried on her shoulder she bite him and pulled out some intestines. The nurses quickly came to aid James, they started bashing Sarah's head in. James was hell bound on them or no body killing his precious sister, so he knocked them out and barricaded the door with a closet and some sofa chairs. 'They should keep people from finding us,' he thought to himself. He then laid on the bed a curtain beside Sarah. He then called his wife and only son to tell them to run..run as fast and far as you can. Debra: