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Bonding Eternity - A Jungkook Fanfic
“We need a new blazer!” “Jimin’s makeup needs to be touched up!” “Make sure Yoongi’s mic is on this time!” The chaos of the dressing during the last few minutes before a performance always brought a special thrill. I had been running around like a madwoman as BTS’s personal manager for almost a year now, and it never got old. New problems always came up, and something new occurred every single time. They were waiting backstage as the performance before them came to an end. I ran up to them, relieved I didn’t miss the chance to do our backstage ritual. A few light punches on each of the members’ chests to remind them of who they were. The Bangtan Boys: Bulletproof. Coming to Jungkook last, I successfully threw the first light punch at his chest, but my second punch was quickly intercepted by his larger hand. I didn’t have time to react as he stole a quick kiss from my lips. Before I could regain my composure, he had already run on stage, and the performance had started. That sneaky little fox. Payback time. I waited for the perfect part of the song before putting my plan into action. “Oppa~, I wasn’t done with you yet,” I teased playfully as soon as he went to hit his high note in Dope. His voice cracked at my words, and his eyes widened slightly. He recovered quite well on the outside, but I could feel his irritation and slight feelings of lust. Their performance ended as they hit their final pose, and the stage dimmed to a black-out. I clapped as each of the members passed me backstage, throwing them a huge smile and exclamations of praise. My feet were torn from their spot as a hand snatched my wrist, and roughly pulled me through the maze backstage. I was pushed into an empty dressing room, followed by a panting Jungkook, who angrily slammed the door closed.
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