Mass Voting for Monbebes and multis!

Please, Monbebes and anyone who is willing to help, we have a new schedule to get to this friday to vote. I hope and pray, just like Monsta X are praying right now, that they get first place (or second at the least). Monbebe is a smaller active fandom, so, it is harder for us but that DOES NOT mean that we can give up, no, that means we have to fight harder. We will and can succeed IF we band together. Come guys, we got this! link: http://m.mwave.interest.me/en/mobileweb/mmusicchart/result
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Personal News

Hey guys, I have something big to tell you all! As some of you all knew, I was going to college to either go after a career in police work or become an ESL teacher; I wasn't sure which one I wanted to go after. Well, after examining myself and really taking in what would make me happy throughout my life, I realized neither choice would get me to where I want to be in my future. I have made a choice to pursue a career in writing and becoming a polyglot ( I already know three languages and I am working on my fourth at the moment). I was extremely depressed in college and did not have the right motivation to get through the classes or the days without feeling like crap. So, I decided to drop out of college this year. I dropped out a few days ago and now I am looking for places online, or near by in my town, to get a writer's job. For example I am looking for blogging opportunities, article writing, ghostwriting, etc. that are paid jobs. I am not wanting thousands and thousands of hours because I am working with my church a lot more recently and that is one why I am learning a lot of different languages - so, that I can communicate with other people - and I can teach some in my church. So, I am writing my own books but I am wanting to do other writing jobs on the side as well. Do you all know any good sites to take in to consideration on applying to them? I have two sites that I have already allied on and am waiting for the results! :) But, while I'm waiting, I would like to look at other opportunities.