Parasyte: Anime to Watch

Genre: Psychological, Body horror Creator: Hitoshi Iwaaki Story: As little worm-like creatures invade our planet one night, their main objective is to eat the brains of their host and inhabit their bodies. What people don't realize is that they eat other humans. We are we we eat, am I right? Now one particular parasite invades 17 year old Shinichi's bedroom one night. But to his mistake, Shinichi is wearing headphones which prevents him from invading his brain through his ear. The parasite tries to get to the brain through his nose but it wakes Shinichi up and the two have a battle which ends in the creature crawling up his arm. Quick to thinking Shinichi raps the headphone cord around his arm to prevent it from going further. The next morning Shinichi realize he has basically no control of his right hand. He's hearing voices in his head and all of a sudden murders are happening all over town since that night the parasites showed up. It has come to this that "Migi" (Migi being the Japanese word for right) has taken control of Shinichi's right hand. Throughout the series you see a symbiotic bond. While one is trying to stay alive from the certain danger lurking in the city, the other provides the protection and signals out the danger ahead, but it's for its own protection. Say if Shinichi dies, Migi dies along with him and Shinichi has to keep this a secret from the public.