a year ago
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(i put cute things to help) so this is where you rant off your troubles and somebody else can give you advice or comfort Ill start: at my school, me and my friends are the nobodies. just about no students or teachers like us. yeah sure, there are some teachers that do care and i love them for it, but 90% of the teachers dont notice us worth shit until we fuck up. we go to them with a problem, and they do jack shit, but when i handle it myself, they get pissed off at me, so i have to handle people getting on my goddamned nerves. and dont get me started on when we get in trouble. a popular kid can look the principal in the eye, flip him off, and get away with it, but if me or my friends say a single swear word, our parents get called. you wanna know the kicker? they cant seem to shut up about my school being a "safe" school and my school being "anti-bullying" its absolute bullshit..
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