Talking Body Chapter Thirteen [+18]

Chapter Thirteen Few weeks went by, and things were busy as ever. Ji Su was running around making the final preparations for each outfit she made for the men’s line. The seven men that lived across from her all said yes on the last night of the camping trip. So, each week she had one or two of the men to try on each outfit to see which style fits and the size needed to be changed. Surprisingly, only Namjoon and Hoseok were the only ones that the style she chose for them worked. As for the size it was the same, no change needed. Yoongi style worked but his size had to be change a few times. Ji Su made a comment to him that he was like a bride the either gain or lost the weight. He laughed at her when he walked out. Today she was working on Jimin and Taehyung. She really hoped nothing would change with them. “You give of the boy next door vibe. What do you think?” Ji Su took a step back to look at her work on him. This was his last outfit he was trying on. So far, the other two worked with style and size. Jimin looked in the mirror. “I would say that I agree with you. Man, I make all those ladies swoon over me.” He joked looking back and Ji Su. “Glad you agree. Everything seems too good with this one. You are good to change.” With that said Jimin step down from the fitting platform and went behind the screen to change back into his street clothes. Ji Su went to her desk to make a note to put Jimin’s outfits the ‘done’ section.
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