15 days ago
Talking Body Chapter 17 (+18)
Coming back from meeting with Jungkook’s parents, Ji Su went straight to work with Fashion week just hours away. The drive home Ji Su couldn’t get enough of how she had a great time. Jungkook was high on life loving that things went better than he thought. When they were about to leave, his mother pulled him aside telling him that Ji Su was a keeper. Jungkook couldn’t agree more with what he mother said. Jungkook, along with the others, were standing in the living room being poked and stabbed with needles. Ji Su was doing the final touches that needed to be done. All the boys were pleased with Ji Su made for them. They were even more pleased seeing the label that she made for them. Bangtan Boys, the label read. The boys smiled and all at once said that they would be the Bangtan Boys. That made Ji Su feel good, warm, and happy that they all loved it. Mi Sun was walking around taking photos and helping Ji Su when needed. Into the late hours and into the early morning of Monday, and Fashion week had begun. When they went to were the showcase was going to take place, Ji Su need to know what day she would showcase her work. She was just hoping that she didn’t have to showcase her work on the first day. Good Luck was on her side when she was told she would be showcasing the next day. Sighing relief the whole group went and put Ji Su’s things backstage. Ji Su mingled with the other designers wishing them luck. This week was where the big investors come in and if they see what they liked you have a chance to make it bigger with their help. After saying hello and wishing them luck, Ji Su and the others went and sat down in the showcase room. Ji Su was nervous that someone would so up. She didn’t want to think about it and took Jungkook’s hand in hers. He looked at her giving her a questioning look. She replied to him with a kiss to say not to worry. A small thought crossed Ji Su’s mind thinking that Jae would be there. He had been quite for about a month now and it was making her nervous. First having someone attack Jungkook and then sending her photos to show that Jungkook was wrong for her. She was also thinking that the one girl, pixy was the name she labeled her with, was part of his plan to tear them apart. Sadly, did Jae know was that her feelings for Jungkook were hell of stronger than they were for him. “Jungkook, tomorrow how about you and I go out for dinner.” Ji Su suggested while they waited for the show to start.

16 days ago
Talking Body Chapter 16 (+18)
Jungkook walked through the doors of the emergency entrance. He was looking for Ji Su. Jungkook knew that whatever happened may have caused a trigger in her memory. When he spotted her, Ji Su was talking with a police officer. “So, the front door was ajar and you happened to hear something break?” the officer questioned. “Officer, sir, I was coming over to check on my friend. When I heard something fragile break I didn’t hesitate to walk in. I know it is against the law, however, my friend was bleeding when I entered. An older man whom I believe is her father, noticed me and charged after me. He smelt of alcohol and smoke. I believe he was drunk and attacked my friend. I have been through something similar that Reena was going through. I just wanted to help.” “Miss Kim when do you think Reena will be able to meet with us to get her side of the story?” “Right now, as her guardian, I would say in the next few days. She is still traumatized with what happened. I have a feeling she wouldn’t want to talk quite yet. When she I ready I will let you know.” Ji Su told the officer who just glared at her before saying thanks and leaving. Ji Su wasn’t a big with hospitals let alone with the law enforcement. A warm pair of arms that she knew all too well and the feeling of safety as she was pulled into a back hug. Jungkook kissed her on the shoulder and the neck as the since of relief went through him. Jimin stood next to them beside himself on what to do.

19 days ago
Talking Body Chapter 15 (+19)
The smell of food and the sound of it being cooked awoke Jimin who was having a nice dream of Reena. He opened his eyes to see Jungkook cooking away in the small kitchenette within their room at the Sky Hotel. Today was the first day of dance competition that would last today, Friday, and Saturday. “Awe is Jungkook making his hyung breakfast?” Jimin spoke while sitting up in his bed. “Nope, this is for Ji Su. She and Noona are coming down today and I wanted to make her some lunch that we could share before we all get busy.” Jungkook said moving around the kitchen without any issues. Jimin just smiled and went to the bathroom. Remembering how Jungkook didn’t have an idea on how to cook let alone on how the appliances work. Jungkook was making chicken wraps, a small salad, a small thing of veggies, and a chocolate mousse with strawberries for dessert. Arranging the food into something beautiful that Ji Su would just hate to mess it up, Jungkook smiled on the thought of what expression she would have. Placing the food into a basket along with drinks and a small jar of cherries. Double checking if he had everything, Jungkook changed into a buttoned-up shirt and nice pair jeans. Jungkook wanted to make this day special. He was fully recovered and he wanted to celebrate being with her for almost five months. He knew that you’re supposed to do that when it is six months, but he wanted to show her how much he loved and what she means to him. Jimin walked out when there was a knock on their door. “I got it.” Jimin said when he noticed Jungkook styling his hair. Opening the door, he smiled seeing Ji Su. “Sorry Ji Su, but you’ll have to wait until Saturday. Hobi hyung doesn’t want us distracted.” “Oh, really that’s news to me, but you a great friend Jimin, that I am sure you can keep this a secret.” Ji Su sweetly smiled. “I wish I could but I can’t keep secrets.” Jimin said. He didn’t notice Jungkook was walking behind him.

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