A Spring Like Date + 18

A Talking Body short story A Spring Like Date Ji Su sketched after sketch. Tossing away every single one away. She was too pissed off at the fact of what Jungkook said to her. Before work this morning was like any normal day in the Jeon household. Ji Su got up before anyone to get ready and have breakfast going. By then Jungkook was up and ready for the day while taking care of Ha Joon and Cheli. Both of their children sat and ate without a fuss before getting ready for school. Today however before Jungkook took the kids to school, he told her about the dance competition that was this following weekend. Ji Su asked him who would watch the kids when she was going to Paris the same weekend. He asked if she could move the trip to next weekend and Ji Su told him that she was unable to. He questioned her on why and she explained that she was meeting with a well-known designer and that she was going to work with him. She added that this was the only time that would work due to both her and the designer’s busy schedule. Jungkook was irritated at the fact that she was telling him about this trip of hers. Ji Su told him that she shared this with him two weeks ago. She mumbled under her breathe that he was a typical guy who only listens when they want to. Pissed at the comment Jungkook threw at her that at least he spends time with their kids and that she was lacking as a mother. Before she could say anything back to him, Jungkook was out the door with the two kids not far behind their father. Closing her eyes at the memory of this morning, Ji Su groaned in annoyance and threw yet another sketch away. A knock at her door forced Ji Su to open her eyes to see Mi Sun with a small baby bump showing. Jin and Mi Sun were on their third pregnancy. The first two was a daughter and then twin girls. Jin was praying for a boy. “Need a break?” Mi Sun asked with concern.
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Love and Money Chapter 2 (18+)

Chapter Two The tension was high and stuffy within the parking garage. The newlyweds were standing by their own cars, and from the looks of it, they were having their first disagreement. However, to them, it was a contest over who was going to obey and cave in first. This all started when Jiwoo changed back into the clothes that she had on previous and was at her car before Jimin. Just before she got in her car to leave, Jimin walked out acting all sweet as if there were still people watching. “Sweetheart, we will ride together. It only makes sense now that we are married.” Jimin suggested. Jiwoo gave him a smile and the one finger salute. Jimin chuckled while walking over to her right when she opened her car door. He closed it and forced Jiwoo to be pushed up against her car. “If we rode together, who would drive my car? What if I have a medical emergency that I have no way of getting there? Plus, I don’t know what you have done in your car with whomever.” Jiwoo smiled and glared at her now husband. What she said was somewhat of the truth. The medical emergency was a legit reason, but she knew that those within her department would handle the emergency. They would call just to get her opinion on some help they would struggle to figure out. “I’m sure everything would be ok at the hospital and as for me supposedly fucking someone in my car, is quite the imagination. Would you like to try it out? You would be the first.” Jimin was teasing her as he spoke. He was hoping that she would just drop it and get into his car. He hated to lose, hated more on the fact losing to a woman who was now his wife. Jiwoo said nothing in return, besides glaring at her husband. Jungkook walked out to the scene in front of him. He stopped a distance away, watching, not to interfere with what was unfolding. Jimin broke away first and Jiwoo smiled as if she won the first point. She looked down and then back up at Jimin to see he was pushing away from her and back to his car acknowledging Jungkook.
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I live in a small town where kpop is not existed. While I listen to kpop or watch Kdramas I am either writing, drawing, or reading. I have a habit of listening to kpop while reading. Favorite groups B2st, BTS, BigBang, etc. lol