Talking Body Chapter Six [+18]

Chapter Six “Thank you for choosing Jeju-do Air. If you are in row A-17 through B-17, you may board the plane.” Jungkook stood up from where he was and made his way to the counter for them to check him in. once through Jungkook walked down to the plane and quickly found his sit once inside. He grabbed his phone to see if any new messages arrived. None did. Something happened last night, and he didn’t like it. Ji Su hung up with him abruptly and when he tried to call her back the call went to voice mail. He was up all night worried. He wanted to call her more than once, but he didn’t think they were in that type of relationship. So, before the plane took off, Jungkook called her once more and again got voice mail. “I just wanted you know that I boarded the plane and heading your way. I hope everything is ok and that you are safe. See you in an hour.” With that he put his phone on airplane mode and closed his eyes. Only to open them when an elderly lady was next to him struggling to out her bag in the overhead compartments. Jungkook stood up and helped her. She thanked him when both sat down next to each other. “Thank you so much. I used to be able to reach but I guess I shrunk.” She said with a chuckle. “It’s fine I am happy to help.” He gave her a small smile and then looked out the window as the plane started to take off, the elderly lady grabbed ahold of Jungkook. He took her hand and held it as the plane climbed further with each passing minute.
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