Nerd Battle!! Orochimaru vs. Batman!

Battlefield: Gothem City Prep: 1 year for Batman. 6 months for Orochimaru No Backup No Morals BATMAN Abilities
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Jonathan3@AngelMartinez1 idk why you think narutos universe is stronger one of the strongest feats in their world was naruto destroying the moon which there are dozens of heroes and villains that can do this superman, GL, and Darkseid to name a few of many. Batman could steal eyes danzo had done it several times and under the nose of the leaf so idk why batman can't do it. Also tsunade would have to be able to touch him to crush him which since she can't move extremely fast, not like the raikage who can hit just as hard which is why I give him the win 90% of the times, I say batman wins. Batman is super smart deathstroke even acknowledges this a man that is as smart tactically as a supercomputer which is why he's part of the justice League and among the strongest but what makes him strong is ninja training which everyone in narutos world gets that's why he's nerfed. Although he wouldn't be the most powerful imo he'd definitely be among the most powerful. Since we're comparing him to special ninjas not just talented assassins as is I would say jonin-kage level just cuz of arsenal, ability, and intelligence but if he were in narutos world or introduced upon learning about Chakra he would train to be able to use it and become a stronger character now capable of jutsu definitely without a doubt placing him at a hokage level but without any clues as to what Chakra nature he is, clans, if he had kenkai genkais or if he would use forbidden jutsu, although because of his morals we'd assume not unless it's like darker comics where he doesn't mind killing, we can't determine which hokages he's stronger than