Q: Liking Him Has Changed Me

Q: Here's the thing. I really like this boy. We both get good grades in school, but he's really popular and polite. I'm....not. I'm basically antisocial. I usually am just pretty detached from everyone at school because they really drive me crazy. But since I've liked him it's kind of brought emotions back and made me kind of hang out with people more? I actually became somewhat popular since liking him. But it's scary because I feel like liking him made me someone I'm not. If he liked me, wouldn't he be liking someone I'm not? Should I just change back or see how this works out? Leave your advice for this anon in the comments!

Make the First Move!!!

I definitely have said this before (and I'll say it again!) but you should remember that you do not have to wait for the person you're interested in to make the first move! If you're interested in someone, the best way isn't to try to sneakily get close to them or wait for them to come to you. You don't want to seem creepy to them! It's better to be somewhat direct and get a clear answer from them. Afraid making the first move won't work? Nonsense! Traditionally, guys are expected to make the first move, which is lame. Check out these stories from 5 girls who made the first move...and it worked out! Helping Him Go First "It's not really 'the first move' per se, but my boyfriend, before he was my boyfriend, wanted to kiss me on the last day of our sophomore year of high school. I knew he would be too afraid to do it so I came up with a plan to walk him home, and just as he was about to leave, I said, 'You can kiss me now if you want.' He said, 'That's a good idea' and went in for the kiss. It was pretty lame, especially in comparison to our kisses now, but he's very shy and awkward around people so it was fine."

People to Avoid Dating: Do You Agree?

I came across this graphic (I couldn't find out who made it, sorry!) and was wondering what you guys think about it. For me, I don't like to make statements of "I won't date someone like ____" because it's hard to say who I might meet and fall in love with. But then I read these lists, and I couldn't help but agree with some of them. At the same time, though, it's one thing to say "I won't date someone who uses slurs like slxt." I mean, sure, I don't think I want to date someone that usese this, but isn't it also part of a relationship to help the other person grow? If a person is doing some of these things out of not being exposed to the knowledge that there might be something wrong with what they're doing, are they really someone to avoid dating? Maybe I do things that need corrected, too. While I agree with the sentiment of this list, especially if the person is doing them in a really negative way, but I think if they're just uninformed, it's a perfect opportunity to grow together. What do you guys think? Should I just avoid it more?

Does The Way You Put On Your Bra Really Say Anything About You?

I keep seeing posts like this one and this one and this one that are talking about how "the way you put on your bra" says something about what type of person you are (and also arguing over the "right" way to put on a bra...uhh). Personally, all I think it indicates is what you were taught when you got your first bra! (And you can put on your bra however you want to). But maybe I'm wrong, so I'm going to share the "results" of this so far, and you can tell me if you agree or not, ok? Cool. Here's how Hello Giggles' writer classified us bra fasteners: 1. Your bra clasps in the back, and so do you. If you somehow have the dexterity to reach behind and clasp your bra in the back (you can tell this isn’t my preferred method), then you’re a supporter. You’re traditional and straightforward. You’re somebody your friends can rely on. 2. You clasp in the front and then spin around. Then you’re an influencer, which is a fancy name for people who like to look the part and have their bases covered. You don’t want to risk improperly clasping, so you do all the tricky stuff right where you can see it. 3. You buy bras that clasp in the front. Why fumble around with complicated back-clasps when you can buy a bra that makes it easy? This is what makes you a driver, someone efficient and dedicated. Your bras are high quality because you don’t have time for anything less.