Web Design Portland And Seo Marketing

Web Design Portland Oregon With the recent economic downturn of 2008-09, many small businesses have found it increasingly more difficult to survive because of how intense the competition is. Ironically, they comprise over 65% of all the companies in the US today as well as being the largest employment sector in this country as well. Ever-increasing numbers of consumers are using the internet every day to find the products or services they are looking for. Taking this into consideration, small business owners can ill afford to fall behind their competitors. So if you are one of those smaller local businesses that haven’t launched a website on the internet or need to upgrade your current one, you may get left out in the dark. Your best solution may be to hire the services of a high-quality website design portland oregon to develop a professional-looking website for your business. So call in Cloud1Marketing service and we’ll be pleased to assist you with your custom needs. You are probably thinking that you cannot afford to do this but the reality is that you cannot afford not to. If you still can’t decide or are reluctant to take action, here are some reasons why your small business needs a good website design portland online presence: 24/7/365 cost-effective, interactive advertising – in order to have a professional website, it must be optimized so that the search engines can find it. Non-paid or organic searches are the most cost-effective advertising tools on the internet and enable you to accommodate your clients or customers around the clock and worldwide. Additional marketing opportunities – whenever you have a hot promotion, you can spend a lot of money on ads, direct mailers, and flyers. However, the average return on investment on these more traditional forms of marketing cannot measure up to the return you will experience when advertising that promo over the internet. Better brand building – building a company brand is one of the primary challenges that a small business faces in a highly competitive marketplace. Just telling consumers that your product or service is the best in the industry is old school traditional marketing that doesn’t work anymore. Consumers need to experience it to believe it, not just see it. When you have a website, you have an online presence which is an extension of your particular brand. Build relationships and promote client or customer loyalty – traditional marketing venues are still somewhat effective. However, they do not enable interaction with your clients or customers. Being able to interact with them helps you to build long-term relationships and promote client/customer loyalty. Expanded target market reach – why relegate the extent of your business reach to the local market when you could expand into the regional, national, or global marketplace. When you reach a larger target audience, you have more opportunities to increase your sales and profits. Make a good first impression – consumers make over a dozen value judgments about a company and its products or services based on that first impression they receive when seeing your website. We can create the right website design because at our web design portland service we create an eye-catching, professional-looking eCommerce site that grabs people’s attention. Measurability and tracking capabilities – with the right software application, you can measure how effective your latest online marketing efforts have been while tracking their progress at the same time. This will help you make better business decisions and improve your online presence. On a closing note, having an aesthetically pleasing, professional website tells your clients or customers that you operate a reputable company that cares enough about its image to invest in their business. Your search ends with us. At Cloud1Marketing service, we are here to assist you with your website design Portland and development needs. Please call us for a free quote on your project and talk to one of our professional business representatives for more assistance.