Mature content warning. Fairly smutty, this is only my second story so far, the ending is rushed because its late but i still hope you enjoy! We're fucking. Hard. Pressed against the bathroom door. She's finally mine. Reveling in her, the feel of her, her scent, her taste. Fisting my hand into her hair, holding her in place. Arm under her ass, her legs wrapped tightly around my waist. Her body draped around me like fine silk. Hands pulling at my hair. Yes, fuck yes. This is where i want to be.....inside her. She's mine. All mine. Only mine. Her walls are tightening as she comes. Clenching around me, her head thrown back. Come on baby, come for me! She cries out and i follow, burying myself deep inside her. Yes, so beautiful, so sweet. She smiles at me, sleepy, sated, and oh so sexy. She takes a step backwards, i grab her and we are in the bedroom. laying on the bed she beckons me forward. Step by step, my desire growing more. I reach out to stroke her perfect, soft skin and she disappears. I hear a banging. My eyes open and my ceiling floods into view. Fuck, it was just a dream. "Hey. Hyung, Y/N is here early to head to the gym. Its Wonho at my door. "Ill be out in a minute" I finally realize the uncomfortable feeling in my shorts and look down. Damn a few more minutes and i may have exploded. Hell, I still might just watching her at the gym today. These thoughts do nothing to curb my excitement. Walk. Pace.Walk and pace. Think about something else. Anything else. It seems to work well enough for me to change and go out to greet her. "Oppa" She flings her arms around me, hugging me tightly. "I missed you last time at the gym, Im glad you're feeling better." Sick....right. After that drunk kiss i couldn't look at her without wanting her underneath me. Its still hard to look at her. We've only been at the gym for 42 minutes and its hell so far. Having her sit so close to me on the way here was bad enough. All i could smell was her intoxicating scent. Now i cant keep my eyes off of her. Her legs push the weights, and lean muscles contract. Come wrap those legs around me, let me make them tremble.