I finally found my VIXX bias!

so recently, i found my vixx bias. it was really hard for me to admit that i love vixx with all my heart, but choosing a bias was so heart wrenching for me. idk y. it was fine for me to choose a bias for BTS and MONSTA X, but for VIXX no! at first leo was my bias, and then N, and then Hyuk. so the 3 of them would circulate around, coz i knew that ravi would be like an older brother to me in a way, hongbin would be that sassy best friend and ken would be like your very talented, dorky, and lovable friend. so i asked my friend mariah, who she would ship me with. and to my surpise, ravi's birthday was nearing so i was on tumblr looking at his tags, and i found out he was my ideal and it got me thinking. maybe he really is my type......idk if u guys ever thought about ur bias's in that way, or ever had the trouble of choosing a bias in a certain. not coz of looks and talents just from mv's but from watching their shows like their vareity, reality, and tv's, and all..... i really want to hear how you picked your bias'. u can choose whoever or all of them. i really want to hear/read them!! oh and these other namjas are my other biases