College, the one thing parents nag at you about from your first steps in Pre-K to the time you receive your diploma. It's what society shoves down your throat, telling you that you need to get a degree in order to have a great and successful life. It's one of things people fear the most. If you don't go to college and get a degree, what use are you to society? How good will your life be if you don't achieve what you need in order to be successful? These expectations are frightening, because if we don't meet them, then we are labeled as low, or weak, or some other degrading term. My biggest reason for going to college wasn't because my dad pressured me or because society told me I needed to, I went to college because I wanted to continue bettering myself. After high school I made a choice, instead being a bum and working a standard minimum wage job I decided to join the military. I went off and became apart of one of the greatest military forces in the world, the United States Navy. It changed my life and all for the better. I became stronger, smarter, more resilient, aware, and most of all limitless. My will power increased immensely, there was nothing I couldn't do. After serving my time I decided to serve in a different way. I'm now in college, getting a degree in Criminal Justice, and pursuing my goal for working for a top government agency. As I said before I want to continue to better myself. Given there are many ways to better yourself, the question is though, are you going to let others choose your destiny or are you going to take hold for yourself?
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