Just Like the Movie (?????? x reader) [prologue]

She thought that their reletionship would be just like the movies. He was her hope , but now he isnt. She felt unwanted , the only one trying to fix their relationship. She was waiting for him to return home ,standing in front of the door. Clutching onto the handle that belonged to her suitcase. " Always be strong when you're listening to your heart baby girl" is what her mother always said. Those words, being repeated and repeated in her mind. She heard the car door pull into the driveway. He walked in and walked past her. That was when she knew this relationship was not like the movies. She held on tighter to her suitcase handle and snapped. "HEY!!!" she yelled as she was still facing the door. He turned around shocked and tried to figure out what was wrong. " I can't do this no more I understand you're in stress due to the new comeback with Need u but i cant do this no more" she let it all out letting him know her feelings. " I'm.....I'm done with this it's it's over goodbye forever" with that she left with him staring at the door regretting everything. Two weeks later, she was finally happy after everything. There was no more stress in fighting or trying to win attention and deep down. She knew he moved on too. Everywhere she looked 'Dope' was everywhere and he was smiling in their MV,interviews, and onstage. She always told herself after everything , she didn't deserve a relationship........just like the movies...........but little did she know........he wanted her and always will. ITS HERE!!!YAY!!! here is the schedule for parts 1 2 3 4 and 5 december 6th - part1 december 8th - part 2 december 9th - part 2

BTS Reaction: You cook a special meal/snack for him

jin: You're first year anniversary. You wanted it to be special so you made namjoon,Yoongi,and their manager to keep him at the studio. You felt bad because he said he was going to cry if he didnt see you on youre anniversary. 3 hours later he finally came back to a table full of food. You told him to deess up and get ready for a romantic dinner. he sat down to the chair in front of you and took bite. jin-"Lets have a romantic date jagi i love you ♥~" Namjoon:you knew he was stressed at the studio preparing for run BTS's new comeback. so while he was gone alk day you cooked alot . When you noticed he was home you hurried up and ran to him and blindfolded him.You escorted a very nervous namjoon to a seat at the table and as soon as you unblindfolded him he was shocked. namjoon-"j......jagi you cooked this all or me!?!" suga: Yoongi texted saying he didnt eat anything all day. so you made him a bento box. It was the only thing you could think of. you drove to the studio and jin couldnt help but look jealous over the bento. yoongi-"jagi this delicous thank you" (i couldnt help it xD the girl in the back) Hobi: His parents was meeting yoh at your house. You cooked while getting a prep talk from Hoseok about his sister and parents. It seemed he was more nervous than you. so you let him try your food. Hobi was shocked you could actually cook so ofcourse he was going to show you off the whole night. hobi- "OH JAGI I DIDNT KNOW YOU WERE A PROFESSIONAL"(bonus youre reaction) you:*eating and then glares at him* just finish eating hobi V: It was a celebration dinner party for BTS. You insisted on bringing a side dish. The whole night youre side dish became the main dish everyone was eating it and you were shoved into a kitchen to make more. v-"yah jagi make some for all of us to have tenths!!"
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