Strange incidence

Hi everyone, This incidence happened with me few months ago. I made a friend in a workplace a girl which was introvert kind of girl. We were in a same team so i got the chances to talk to her. She was really nice and less talkative. I used to try to talk to her in a workplace but she always hesitated but when it comes on online chat she was like completely different. She was so much friendly there and so talkative. May be because of her introvert nature as i told before. We used to talk with each other a lot but not face to face. It's not like that i didn't try. I tried a lot but she was different. She was a nice girl with good positive thinking with some wierdo things. She is not on any social networking site except whatsapp. She says that she doesn't like to show off her life on Internet. Yeah it was actually like that she never even showed her own display pics on whatsapp. I even asked her that you should try it once to put your own display pic. We used to share our thoughts with each others. She never got bore of me. Always answered me whenever i asked her anything.She used to use the smiley a lot in every conversation like all other girls. After few months she left the job and moved on to the another city but we were still in contact. She was refusing to go to another city. I encouraged her to go and to think about her career first. One day we were like doing a chat but her answers were like she is upset with something. You can understand about other person even by texting when you talk to them on regular basis. I didn't ask her on that day because there could be some personal problem. I thought the problem would be solved ownself. But this whole thing kept on happening for a week so i decided to ask her if something is wrong. She replied no i am ok.
JonPatrickHydeFirst - I agree completely with @TerrecaRiley - you didn't do anything wrong... except - of course we have one side and it's based on your perception of events... to step back and attempt to be objective - there's a few things in yhe story that as someone who has no investment and a lifetime of observing human behavior I want to ask you a couple of questions to try and clarify my thoughts. I absolutely mean no offense or am I suggesting anything. I want to see if I am able to make a little more sense about the situation. 1) Would you categorize yourself as a little bit of a "knight in shining armor"? meaning in your relationships do you find a pattern of dating girls with issues were you are the "nice guy" who shows them kindness, respect, etc.. for the first time? Are you attracted to damaged people because you want to help them? 2) You categorized the relationship as friendly, but could she have perhaps misunderstood your interest as more? If you have been flirty or crossed friendly boundaries, even if you were only trying to make her feel better as a friend, if she has a low self esteem she may have quickly developed feelings for you beyond that of friendship... is this a possibility? 3) I really do not mean to pry... because what I'm about to ask really (typically) crosses some boundaries... do you think she may have some legitimate emotional or mental health issues? For her to be do closed off in person and be like a totally different person online; she may be dealing with emotional issues that defy standard logic. In that case I go bsck to the original statement I made above... you didn't do anything wrong because you were playing with a set of rules that are completely wrong. The truth is that you never truly know what goes on in the mind of another person. You should think about if she felt there was something more between you. that's what if sounds like. You may have not understood or picked up on signs that she felt so much more was between you than you did. This would explain why she open ed up to you online then felt that you were playing with her emotions. What if she was really hoping you would tel her to stay or come back to your city to be with you and you told her to leave for her career? All I can say is that you can never go wrong asking someone what they are feeling... but don't be shocked if they choose to not be honest. Perhaps she was hoping you'd read her mind. And seeing that she had what sounds l...