We Need To Talk(rant time)

Okay so first I havnt been on here for a long time and I apologize to those who enjoyed my BTS text/BTS meme series. I've been having some issues but thats not the point of this post. On Twitter recently I've seen some comments.. you know the usual supportive fans and such. But what I've also seen we're some not so nice comments. I've seen comments from my fellow ARMYS that absolutely disgusted me. they were making comment on about other fandoms saying stuff like "ew you like (group name). They suck" or "I hope (members name) gandma dies" YO FAM WHAT THE FUCK?! YOU DON'T SAY THAT SHIT. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??! seeing comments like that directed at my fandom makes me pissed off. BUT SEEING MY FELLOW ARMY'S SAYING SHIT LIKE THAT???? NOW THAT DISSAPOINTS AND PISSES ME OFF!!! HOW WOULD OUR BOYS FEEL WHEN THEY SEE THE SHIT YOU SAY TO OTHER FANDOMS!!??. I bet they would be so disappointed in us. This was my first time actually seeing my own fandom say shit like that. And it truly hurt. you guys have no idea how much I look up to this fandom. How much I praise us. and to see that... like actually see it not have it just be screenshots that could be photoshopped. It really just makes me upset with this fandom. I know not all of us are like that. I know okay. But to those immature people out there that bash on the other fandoms and say that their groups sucks or wishing one of them/their family members would die, AND TO MAKE FUCKEN RAPE JOKES ABOUT OUR OWN BOYS!! (OR OTHER GROUPS) THAT'S JUST SICK!! YOU DON'T JOKE ABOUT SERIOUS SHIT, YOU JUST DONT!! LEARN RESPECT. NOW I SEE WHY OTHER FANDOMS HATE US SO MUCH!!! I STILL LOVE THIS FANDOM VERY MUCH DON'T GET ME WRONG. I MAY NOT KNOW ALL OF YOU BUT THIS FANDOM JUST FEELS LIKE MY 2ND FAMILY OKAY! AND I LOVE ALL OF YOU!! IT'S JUST SOME OF YOU NEED TO LEARN TO RESPECT OTHER FANDOMS AND OTHER GROUPS ALSO!! THIS GOES TO EVERY FANDOM NOT JUST MY OWN. PLEASE I REALLY HATE THESE FAN WARS. WHY CAN'T WE JUST STOP. STOP HATING AND MAKING CRUDE COMMENTS AND START SPREADING LOVE AND SUPPORT TO OTHER GROUPS AND THEIR FANS. YOU MAY NOT LIKE THEIR MUSIC BUT THAT DOESN'T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO SAY SHIT LIKE THAT. JUST SPREAD LOVE DAMMIT HOW HARD WOULD IT BE FOR TO IGNORE THE TROLLS AND JUST GIVE OTHERS SUPPORT!!THE WORLD DOESN'T NEED MORE HATE. I'm serious please. PLEASE to those immature kids in ALL fandoms, do us all a favor and PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS KPOP, GROW UP!! I'm done with my rant Have a good night/day.
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