In need of some humanly help

So I need help or advice or just another persons input. Okay so I'm a 20 year old man in the military, And I got a problem...... I don't really know how to meet new people πŸ’€ Here the friends I have are more so forced upon eachother we grow and bond because we work closely together because our lives depend on us being able to trust the other. But what about when that's not the case ??? When I'd love to talk to that cute girl I ran across on a social media site ? Or across the bar ? I can never get myself to just do it my heart races and the worst possible outcome runs through my mind, mostly because my people skills have just taken a dive off the deep end since I've been here. Idk the point is should I even bother talking to this girl ? See if we can get to know one another even if it's online??? I just feel like it'd be wrong or cruel since id be far away. Idk I'd just love someone to freaking counsel me 😭
AlloBaberI think by external she means that you have the power to change how you behave, whether you reach out to people or stay curled up in a ball inside yourself 😁 @Dlopez031113 first of all, you've definitely come to the right place because all the people I've met on Vingle are super nice and always ready to help with these things!! :D I think you have to tell yourself some silly but simple advice: YOLO!! You only live once, so it's worth taking chances – because these things might just lead to something beautiful. An amazing friendship or romance... even just a chance to grow, and break out of your shell a little bit. I mean, you're a military man!! Nothing scares you!! :D You're not gonna let the possibility of failure stop you from living your best life, are you?? :D I love @TessStevens card she linked to above. I would also add that just saying hello and striking up a casual conversation about the weather, about sports, about the news... all those can be powerful first steps. Do your best to push yourself to be exposed to new people, and then find out what you have in common with them. Bond over shared interests and activities. Try the app Meetup – it's an awesome way to find people around you who are into what you're into!! And it's not as scary as you might think to go :D just be brave, I promise it'll be worth it!! And as for girls... I'm actually writing a card RIGHT NOW coincidentally on how to overcome the fear of flirting. Maybe that'll be helpful ;D I'll tag you!! Best of luck my friend!!